Manchester City Council cracks down on litter with new bins

Local Barnsley manufacturer designs and manufactures 600 litter bins for Manchester City Council.

Wybone Ltd have recently won the tender to design and manufacture 600 bespoke litter bins for Manchester City Council. The Council have ordered the bins as part of their £14.5m crackdown to tackle the city centre’s rubbish.

The bin features a photo-luminescent bee logo that illuminates in the dark and a unique honeycomb pattern to the body of the bin and ashtray. The worker bee emblem represents Manchester’s industrial history, a reminder of the city’s past.

Councilor Bernard Priest, Manchester City Council’s deputy leader, said: "These new bins are a major investment in our city centre but we now need members of the public to work with us, understand it's not acceptable to drop litter, and take responsibility by using the bins.

"This is just one of the many ways in which lasting and visible improvements are being made to our city thanks to the Clean City fund. We asked residents for their ideas about how this money could be spent, and proud Mancunians responded to this call in their hundreds. I’d like to thank residents for their enthusiasm."

Wybone created the bespoke litter bin to Manchester City Council’s exact requirements, designing a new ashtray, unique honeycomb effect and even using a bespoke gloss paint to produce the perfect looking product. The 600 bins will be appearing across the city centre over the next few weeks, helping to tackle a growing rubbish crisis.

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Barnsley Manufacturer Designs New Hospital Waste Bins for Children’s Wards

A new range of pedal operated hospital waste bins have been launched today, designed for use on children’s hospital wards. The bins have a friendly animal sticker to the front, to match the colour of the lid. Designed by Wybone, a Barnsley based designer and manufacturer of clinical products, waste bins and street furniture.

Wybone MD Richard Cooper explains the idea behind the new range “We wanted to make staying in hospitals less scary for children. The fun bins provide a friendly face for children to look at when they stay in hospitals, because it can be a frightening time for them.”

The bins are pedal operated, making them easy to use and feature a lightweight ABS plastic lid and base that are available in a range of healthcare waste segregation colours. Wybone manufacture hospital waste bins from metal, plastic or a hybrid combination of the two.

The new range of bins will be on display at The AHCP Exhibition at the East Midlands Conference Centre from the 11th to the 13th June. For more information please call 01226 744010 or email

Wybone Sponsors 65 Roses Barnsley Criteriums 2014 Cycle Races

Team Cystic Fibrosis are hosting the Criteriums cycle races on Tuesday 24th June which will be held in the heart of Barnsley Town Centre. All roads will be closed around the 1.45km event to allow the riders to move freely around the circuit.

The event will see three races taking place, lasting from 6.30pm to 9.30pm, with Wybone sponsoring the middle race at 7.30pm. Wybone Ltd are a Barnsley based manufacturer of street furniture, litter bins and recycling units.

Managing Director Richard Cooper commented, “We are proud to be sponsoring this brilliant local event to raise money and awareness for a really important cause. Good luck to all the riders!”

“We love to get involved with local charities and embrace community spirit. This event is bringing cycle races back to Barnsley for the first time in over ten years, and its in perfect timing for the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire too!”

Each race will start and finish outside Barnsley Town Hall, a great place for spectators to watch all the action.

To find out more about the race click here:

Wybone Bins Used By Recycling Hero!

The Isle of Wight NHS praises Wendy Fawdry, a recycling champion! Wendy has been commended for her efforts of recycling cans, plastic bottles and newspapers within the Medical Assessment Unit.

The NHS trust uses Wybone’s metal, pedal operated waste bins within their wards and clinics. Green waste bins are used for the collection of recycling, helping to keep the waste separate from clinical and general waste.

Charles Joly, Environmental Waste & Sustainability manager commented that “ we are slowly but surely rolling out recycling facilities in both clinical and office areas. I was really delighted to see Wendy making those ectra efforts to recycle and it does mean a lot to the waste team. By recycling, staff are doing their bit for our planet and local environment, and also save some money for the Trust which can be re-directed to frontline services.”

Using the correct type and size of bin in each area really can save a lot of money. By providing the right receptacle, people are more likely to place their waste in the right bin, helping to save expensive disposal costs if the wrong items are in the wrong bins. Wybone Ltd offer waste audits to help Trusts identify where savings can be made, to book yours call 01226 744010 or email

Newcastle Hospitals shortlisted for National Recycling Award

Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has been nominated and shortlisted for ‘Healthcare Recycler of the Year’ at the National Recycling Awards. Their Waste Manager James Dixon has been praised for his work within the Trust.

Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals use our Hybrid Waste Bins to collect recyclable waste. They use green units for recycling, making them stand out from the other healthcare waste segregation coloured bins. Hybrid units are ideal for use in hospitals and healthcare environments as they have non-marking plastic foot units and a steel lid that can be used with magnetic labels.

Recycling has increased dramatically across the Newcastle Hospitals and the Trust is able to boast that it has sent no waste, general waste or treated clinical waste, to landfill since July 2012.

Achievements such as this have seen the Trust’s Waste Manager James Dixon shortlisted in the ‘Healthcare Recycler of the Year’ category in this year’s awards.

The awards celebrate innovation and leadership in all areas of recycling and waste management, across all sectors. Newcastle Hospitals has been shortlisted along with seven other organisations in the Healthcare Recycler of the Year category - the first time there has been a dedicated category for healthcare.

James said: “It’s always good to be shortlisted for awards like this, but the most important thing is that we are always seeking to improve the segregation of our waste which ensures we are dealing with it as efficiently as possible – this reduces our impact on the environment and saves money at the same time. We have made some big improvements in recent years and our rate of segregated recycling is now at a good level. However, we can always improve and we are now working on more ways to not just increase recycling, but increase re-use and to ultimately reduce the waste we produce. The feel good factor is that the financial savings we have made in better-managing our waste has freed up more resources to help improve patient care in our hospitals.”

“We’re up against some stiff competition in awards but I’m looking forward to the awards ceremony and keeping my fingers crossed!”

James has been leading waste management projects across the Newcastle Hospitals for four years, and has helped the Trust dramatically increase recycling rates and enhance its green credentials in a number of areas. Since 2010, the recycling rate has increased from 9% to 35%, with the amount of waste being recycled up from just over 300 tonnes, to almost 1000 tonnes a year.

The Trust was also one of the first in the country to divert all treated clinical waste from landfill since 1st July 2012, making them completely zero waste to landfill from this time. The total carbon emissions from waste disposal activities is also down a massive 75% since 2010.

Collectively James’ work has helped the Trust to save over £800,000 in waste costs in just two years!

The award ceremony will be held at the London Hilton on Thursday 3rd July.

Link to the National Recycling Awards:

James Dixon worked in conjunction with Wybone to develop the Torpedo Mini, saying “I gave Wybone the specific challenge of getting a split recycling bin into our small clinical offices, where space is at a premium.”

To suit James and the Trusts needs we designed a small unit that can be split in half to collect both litter and recycling, whilst still looking stylish and modern! The Torpedo Mini can be split either 50/50 or 70/30 in favour of recycling, depending upon where the units are to be placed.

James commented on the final design that “Wybone put the vision into reality!”.

Handmade by Humans

Did you know we manufacture our Glass Fibre Composite and Glass Reinforced Plastic bins by hand?

Our Mini Cyclo and Recyclo units are handmade in our factory in South Yorkshire. The process we use to make these bins is the same process we have used for the last 40 years, with each stage being completed by hand!

The GRP doors of both these units are hand-laminated ensuring a smooth, quality finish. The bodies are made from glass fibre composite, which sees a core material, made from 65% renewable resources, encapsulated in hand sprayed and laminated glass fibres. Making the bins in this way makes sure they are strong and well made, giving our customers a high quality product that is built to last.

Every stage of construction is done by hand, from building the carcass and applying the glass fibre, to spraying and painting. This time honoured method of manufacture takes a lot of skill and expertise, something our highly trained staff have in abundance.

The nature of our GFC products means they can be refurbished when required, giving an old bin a new lease of life, often doubling their already long life span. Glass Fibre Composite is a fantastic material that really does stand the test of time and is totally impervious to salt corrosion, making it ideal for roadside and coastal locations.

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Barnsley Based Manufacturer Wins Tender to Supply New Hospital

Wybone Ltd, a Barnsley based manufacturer of hospital waste bins has recently won the tender to supply and site over 5000 waste bins for Bristol Southmead Hospital’s new Brunel building.

The newly built Brunel Building will be opening fully on 28th May 2014 and will be at the centre of the redeveloped Southmead Hospital’s Bristol site.

Wybone successfully won the tender to supply Bristol Southmead Hospital with their ‘Hybrid’ waste bins. These pedal operated waste bins are designed for use within healthcare environments and feature a non-marking plastic base, with a galvanised steel lid that can be used with magnetic labels. Combining these two materials creates the perfect mix of fire protection and corrosion resistance, ideal for hospital use.

The large order of Hybrid waste bins needed to be manufactured and sited in time for when the new hospital building was due to open. For Wybone this meant producing 400 units per day to complete the order in time, ready for the Wybone siting team to take over and position all the units within the hospital wards and treatment rooms.

Wybone’s MD Richard Cooper commented “Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and highly skilled staff enabled us to complete the manufacture of this order in just 13 days, timed perfectly to allow for our team to site the units in time for the Hospitals opening date!”

To find out more about Wybone’s waste bins please call 01226 744010 or email

Barnsley Manufacturer Supplies ‘Smart City’ Malta with Bins

A local Barnsley based manufacturer of litter bins, recycling units and street furniture has recently supplied units to be sited in Smart City in Malta.

Smart City is a joint venture between the Republic of Malta and Smart City Dubai, which is envisioned to develop and manage a network of interconnected business townships across the world.

This ultra-modern city see’s wooden walkways, water fountains and palm trees mixed in with contemporary office building and hotels, creating a unique urban landscape. Wybone Ltd supplied their galvanised steel MLB/224 recycling units and WDB/LU dog waste bins to fit in to this environment with their cool grey powder coated finish.

Wybone’s Managing Director Richard Cooper commented “We are proud to have supplied Smart City with our products, they look fantastic and as they are manufactured to our ISO 9001:2008 quality standards we can assure they are guaranteed to last!”

Wybone Ltd currently employs 70 highly skilled factory workers, but it’s hoped their increase in exports will encourage growth and create more jobs in the future.

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Advertising Bench Designed For Large Supermarket Chain

Wybone, a South Yorkshire based manufacturing company have designed a new advertising bench for use in supermarkets, airports and shopping centres.

The ‘Cube’ bench features a large advertising space in the backrest that can be opened easily to allow the artwork to be changed when required.  The initial cost of the bench can soon be recouped via the selling of this advertising space, making The Cube Bench a sound investment.

A large supermarket chain requested this new design, wanting to create new advertising street furniture for use in and around their shops and sites. The benches have been designed and manufactured by Wybone Ltd of Barnsley, a UK based manufacturer of street furniture, including seating and litter & recycling solutions.

Wybone’s Designer Daniel Reed commented: “The Cube Bench is a unique way of really maximising advertising space in a busy public space and you can’t help but notice the large adverts, they really catch people eye so they’re in the perfect place to grab peoples attention. It is constructed from powder coated galvanised steel and comes with our ten year anti-perforation warranty as standard”

The Cube Bench joins the existing Wybone range of advertising products, which includes a variety of litter bins and recycling units. For more information on Wybone’s advertising products please call 01226 744010 or see