Adelte Wins 8 Contracts For The Manufacture And Upgrade Of Passenger Boarding Bridges At Airports Worldwide

ADELTE recently won five contracts for the design, manufacture and supply in 2015 of new advanced Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBBs) to the airports of Baghdad, Bordeaux, Fort-de-France and Zagreb, and another three contracts for the upgrade and refurbishment of PBBs at the airports of Saint Denis, Salta and San Pedro Sula.

Baghdad – Iraq
The Iraq Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA) has awarded ADELTE two new contracts for the supply of 12 additional PBBs operating at the Samerra and Babylon terminals of Baghdad International Airport. All units are hydraulic Apron Drive models with two glass-sided sections and will be supplied along with 12 walkways and 24 rooftops, also designed and manufactured by ADELTE. These new contracts will make a total of 18 new ADELTE PBBs in operation at the first Iraqi airport, significantly improving docking, passenger embarkation and disembarkation and maintenance operations.

Zagreb – Croatia
The international company Bouygues and ADP Management have commissioned ADELTE for the supply of 8 boarding bridges which will operate at the new terminal currently under construction at the Croatian capital’s airport. The PBBs designed and manufactured by ADELTE are a key part of the ongoing works to update the airport’s facilities. These new-generation electromechanical Apron Drive models with two glass-sided sections will be able to service class C aircraft and, on one position, will also dock class D and E commercial planes. All PBBs are equipped with the most advanced docking technology and include 400Hz ground power units in order to provide efficient, safe and sustainable turnarounds.

Fort-de-France – Martinique (France)
Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport, in cooperation with ADPi consultancy, is modernizing its infrastructures to provide a better service to airlines and its almost 1.7 million passengers a year. In view of this, ADELTE has been contracted to supply 7 PBBs to replace the existing ones. The unique design of these PBBs consists of three crescent glass sections with an electromechanical mechanism, each equipped with two 400Hz GPUs of 90kVA. The units, distributed in five positions, two of them double, will serve a wide range of aircrafts, including class F A380, adapting perfectly to the current and future needs of airlines operating at the French Caribbean Island.

Bordeaux – France
ADELTE has completed the delivery of 2 state-of-the art passenger boarding bridges at Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport. These two new units offer the same characteristics as the first two PBBs installed last year at the same airport and which are operating successfully. Consisting of three crescent steel sections with an electromechanical mechanism for traction and lifting, they are designed with service stairs on the left side of the cabin in order to perfectly accommodate the specific configuration of the platform and to dock a wide range of aircrafts. With a total of four advanced PBBs versatility, flexibility and efficiency are now a reality on the Aquitanian apron.

In addition to the aforementioned contracts for the delivery of sophisticated passenger boarding bridges, ADELTE has also secured several upgrade and refurbishment contracts in Central and South America and in the Indian Ocean region.

“Once modernized by ADELTE, the PBBs will have extended lifespan, will offer a significant increase in reliability and efficiency, resulting in lower operating costs, and will allow airports to provide an optimum service to airlines, ensuring complete safety and comfort for passengers and operators” comments Jordi Floreta, Vice-President & Commercial Director at ADELTE

Saint Denis - Réunion (France)

After supplying 2 new-generation Apron Drive PBBs to La Réunion’s Roland Garros Airport in 2014, ADELTE has won a new contract for the upgrade and refurbishment of the existing 6 PBBs in order to meet the highest standards and demands of a wide range of aircraft and airline companies. All electrical components, PLC, control console, flooring and glass panels will be changed, 6 new ADELTE A/C Rooftops will be installed and the PBBs will receive a specific anti-corrosion processing and high quality painting.

San Pedro Sula (Honduras) and Salta (Argentina)
ADELTE recently completed the upgrade of 3 PBBs at Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport, operated by Interairports (Aeropuertos de Honduras), and is about to finalize the renovation of another PBB at Martín Miguel de Güemes International Airport, operated by Aeropuertos Argentina 2000. Some of the main components to be replaced include the canopy, control console, PLC, bogies, bumpers, hydraulic and electric motors, inverters, auto- leveling arm, flooring and limit switches. Once modernized, the 4 PBBs can provide an optimum service for at least another 10 years, improving both travelers’ experience and aircraft services.

With these 8 new contracts ADELTE reinforces its position as a leading provider of cutting-edge airport solutions and global services, enhancing airport operations worldwide.