ACAMS Remote Control & Monitoring system to Pakistan's prestigious new capital airport in Islamabad.

The new Benazir Bhutto International Airport is Pakistan's first greenfield civil aerodrome. The airport is designed for an initial capacity of 6.5 million passengers per annum, and will be constructed south-west of the expanding Islamabad city to replace the existing international airport in Chaklala.

ACAMS Remote Control & Monitoring solution (GAMS) will be implemented to monitor the status of several important ATC systems installed at the airport including the main Radio Systems, VCCS, Navigational Aids, Generators and UPS’s.

The ACAMS software is implemented using a modular and flexible architecture, which allows the HMI and interfaces to be tailored to suit the individual customers' requirements. At Benazir Bhutto International Airport, our software is adapted to run on a Linux-platform.

When monitoring key ATC systems a fully redundant solution is important. ACAMS solutions run on a fully dualized hardware solution including dualized main Processing Servers, Data Acquisition Units, management Terminal and Client Workstations.

ACAMS will supply the solution through the Spanish GECI Espanola S.A. Installation is expected by end 2014.

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ACAMS to supply I-TWR solution to the airport of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe initiated a $150m airport expansion project in 2013 to boost the tourism in Victoria Falls. The Victoria Falls International Airport (VFIA) is one of the main airports in Zimbabwe. This airport mainly serves the tourism industry, handling long distance flights from the Americas Europe and Asia. The project includes the construction of a 4,000m second runway, expansion of the existing runway, construction of a new 20,000m2 terminal building, and the construction of an inside road network and car parks at the airport. It also includes the construction of a new fire station and new control tower at the airport.

ACAMS is contracted to supply its integrated tower solution (I-TWR) for the new tower. ACAMS will supply a turnkey solution to integrate new and existing systems/sensors into a common working environment and a common access platform. This platform will be the ACAMS Integrated Control and Monitoring System. All integrated systems/sensors will be accessible from the ACAMS Controller Working Positions (CWP's) to provide real time screen based on-line status and monitoring information in one common Graphical User Interface (GUI).

This system comprises the following functions:

  • Airfield Ground Lighting Control
  • Meteorological Information Display
  • Navigational Aids Status Control and Monitoring
  • Publications
  • Time Synchronization & Display
  • AFTN/AMHS Display
  • Video Surveillance and Magnetic Lock Control
  • Data Logging
  • Crash Alarm and Intercom Hotlines (Fire Station)
  • Technical Monitoring
  • Notice Board
  • ATIS
  • Flight Strip Display and Printing
  • VHF Direction Finding Display

The solution will be supplied through ADB Airfield Solutions.

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GMS, CARTS, LVP and D-ATIS systems to Jeddah KAIA successfully factory accepted.

ACAMS systems for Jeddah Airport have successfully completed Factory Acceptance Test. The systems include: Remote Monitoring (GMS), Crash Alarm and Red Telephone (CARTS), Low Visibility Procedures (LVP) and D-ATIS.

The ACAMS supply to the Saudi GACA airport is part of the KING ABDULAZIZ INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (KAIA) development project. The systems are currently being installed, with expected completion before end of 2014.

ACAMS has previously supplied ATIS systems to Jeddah and 13 other airports in Saudi Arabia.

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Successful FAT for 7 D-ATIS systems  and a D-VOLMET to Morocco.

ACAMS has successfully completed FAT for 7 D-ATIS systems for Casablanca MV international airport and regional airports in Morocco. Representatives from Morocco Civil Aviation (ONDA) tested and approved the systems before they were shipped to site.

In addition, a D-VOLMET system will be delivered to Casablanca ATCC (CNCSA). Installation is expected to be completed within the next few months.

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