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The UltraFlex Mini PC from WEY

Latest Trend: High performance, low power, very small factor PCs in the airport environment

Standard PCs are deployed in multiple areas in airports – towers, security centres, check-in counters, baggage handling, etc. But the decentralized distribution of PCs generates extremely high maintenance and IT support costs. The space they require under the desk (particularly when there are multiple PCs), their heat and noise emissions as well as sub-optimal PC security are just a few of the reasons why it makes sense to switch to a more future-oriented solution.

The UltraFlex Mini PC is a high-performance, low power, very small form factor PC which is new and unique in the market. Smaller than many thin clients, the UltraFlex Mini PC can clearly be deployed as a thin client. It true strengths, however, lie in its performance, flexibility and small size.  With i3 to i7 processers, UltraFlex Mini PCs feature dual network connections and redundant power supplies, and drive up to seven screens, including UHD (3840x2160) capabilities. The UltraFlex Mini PC can be deployed in a mixed environment combining hybrid desktops and conventional PCs.

These new computers are available in Eurocard format and can be stored in a small 3U system rack located in a secure, air-conditioned, centralized server room. This creates a very high computer density environment that can be maintained and supported centrally. At the operator’s desk, there is only a small IP Receiver to connect the screens, keyboard and mouse. WEY’s intelligent KVM-over-IP technology in the WEY Distribution Platform connects UltraFlex Mini PCs with IP Receivers. With a single WEY Multifunctional Keyboard, users can easily toggle between multiple sources and screens.

WEY Solutions also score high in terms of Green IT. UltraFlex Mini PCs have extremely low power consumption - as low as 20W for a three screen configuration. Less air conditioning is needed in the server room. And even when they are deployed at the desk, heat and noise emissions are negligible.

Newly developed and launched on the market, WEY’s UltraFlex Mini PCs have already been deployed in leading airports around the world, including the most recent deployment at the John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 1 in New York.

According to a leading European utilities control room outfitter: “When assessing the requirements for an industrialised thin client, our shopping list included dual network connections, dual power supplies and support for up to four monitors. But there was nothing in the market until now to satisfy our requirements. It is our intention to supply (WEY’s) virtualized client as our default solution for all customers.”

For more information:
WEY UltraFlex Mini PC

Advantage Recording Solutions from WEY

WEY Technology is proud to present the  ”Advantage Recording“ Solution for workplace multimedia recording and playback in Air Traffic Control Rooms.
In collaboration with partner SkySoft ATM, a subsidiary of Skyguide, WEY has developed the SkyRec BlackBox in-house in Switzerland. Together with the WEY Distribution Platform, the turnkey recording solution not only satisfies legal requirements, but creates state-of-the-art, high-performance air traffic control workplaces featuring workstation remoting and sharing, as well as incident recording and replaying functionalities. Today, all ATC incidents can easily be recorded (monitor recording, audio, keyboard and mouse capture), reconstructed and immediately replayed, facilitating post-event analysis, investigation and training purposes. Recorded material is identical to the original. Even when compressed more than 25,000 times, the data is not altered (lossless).

  •          Simultaneous recording of video, audio and serial data streams
  •          Captures high resolution monitors up to 2560x1600 and 2Kx2K
  •          Optimal use of space at the desk and in the technical rooms
  •          Implemented using standard hardware and all common operating systems
  •          Multiple redundancy options for recording, power supplies, network and storage systems
  •          High MTBF levels
  •          True Channel Communications: switch all channels independently and in any combination
  •          Synchronously replays audio, video and serial channels
  •          Immediate access to recorded data
  •          Enhanced search tools with optical character recognition (OCR)
  •          All data can be exported to standard media (USB sticks, DVD, CD, portable HDD, etc.)
Achieve workplace recording landscapes which are cost-effective, secure and efficient.