ATURE® Inverter by CIAT is the most versatile and reliable PCA range in the market

CIAT, a leading company in the air conditioning market in Europe with more than 80 years experiences manufacturing air conditioning equipment and with a renowned expertise in the manufacturing of PCA units, has designed, manufactured, tested and installed the first PCA units with heat-pump system at Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport. This project includes with 38 ATURE® Inverter units and, in the first phase of supply, at the beginning of the year, CIAT has provided a large number of them.

ATURE® Inverter units have been designed for cooling, heating and ventilation of the cabin of the aircraft parked on the apron, the heating mode using renewable energy system based on reversible Heat Pump. These units are autonomous air conditioning units with inverter technology for direct expansion (100% fresh air) and a horizontal compact design and are comprised with state-of-the-art scroll and inverter scroll compressors to allow the supply of cooling, ventilation and heating. In addition, the innovative solution heat pump with 100% fresh air, greatly reduces the consumption of the equipment in heating mode.

These stand-alone air/air all electric units are designed to be installed whether on the ground, at the foot of boarding bridges or suspended below them. Based on the design and construction ensure reliability, flexibility, a better performance and a higher ease of maintenance.

ATURE® Inverter units are equipped with R-410A and with a regulation control, which make them particularly suitable for improving the overall efficiency of the airport to reduce consumption at each position and to decrease CO2 emissions.