LAAD Defence & Security 2015 – Rio de Janeiro
SITTI is a primary world manufacturer of VCS (Voice Communication Systems), with a long dated presence in Brazil with more than 50 systems supplied to CISCEA, PAME and the Navy. SITTI has been invited to exhibit at the FAB (Força Aerea Brasileira) stand to show a typical “Sector Control” configuration, made of 1 Controller and 1 Assistant. These latter are two operative positions (CWP), each of which equipped with a keyboard connected to the Main system and another keyboard connected to the Standby one. A console and the Sagitario Air Traffic Control System (by Atech) complete the show.

The exhibited configuration is used in the main Brazilian control centers (CINDACTA 1,2,3,4 and SRPV-SP and DTCEA-GL).

SITTI is proud to stay side by side to the Brazilian Armed Forces and to have been invited at LAAD to exhibit an example of the top performance MULTIFONO VCS, which is installed all over the country and daily utilized in the major national control centers.

SITTI is going to supply five state-of-the-art VoIP Voice Communication Systems to AASANA, the Bolivian Civil Aviation Air Navigation Service Provider.
The new Systems will be delivered to La Paz ACC, El Alto Airport, Cochabamba Airport, Trinidad Airport and Santa Cruz de la Sierra Viru Viru Airport, meeting the new real and operational ATC Centers’ needs.
The Voice Communication Systems belong to the M800IP family and they will interface radio equipment, analogue and digital telephone connections, through graphically customizable Controller Working Positions with a user-friendly HMI.
SITTI manufactured and in going to deliver the five Systems in record time, once again confirming its leadership in Air Traffic Control Solutions Market.

At Kolkata ATC Center (India), SITTI has successfully performed installation testing and commissioning of its top-edge Multifono M800IP Voice Communication System (VCS).

For the first time in India, a “Fully VoIP” VCS has been installed and commissioned.
Kolkata is one of the four ACC centers in India; it covers the Eastern Region (Kolkata FIR).

The VCS is connected to the IP radios through MPLS network and E1 connection for media redundancy.
·        As for MPLS connectivity, the VCS is connected directly to the radio using latest ED137B protocol.
·        As for E1 connectivity, SITTI is using Remote Management Units (RMU) installed in remote stations, connected to the VCS through E1 and to the radios through 4W-EM connection.
In order to save bandwidth, fractional E1  is used to connect RMUs to the VCS.
Kolkata VCS figures are impressive:
·        100 CWP
·        106 IP radio channels
·        58 analogue radio channels (connected through E1 and 4W connections)
·        90 IP telephone lines
·        44 analogue telephone lines
·        10 RMU (Remote management Unit)
·        750 VoIP recording channels
SITTI is proud of this outstanding success and will continue to support the Airport Authority of India (AAI) during shadow-mode operation and transition period.

IFATSEA have had the 44th annual General Assembly in Rome. Just like last year in Istanbul (Turkey), SITTI sponsored this important event. The International Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Associations (IFATSEA) is the most important entity representing the professional associations of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEPs) from around the world.
IFATSEA ( is the authoritative voice on the competence of air traffic safety electronics personnel and actively contributes to the improvement of air traffic safety performance. The General Assembly is organized in the last part of every year to discuss and disseminate the accomplishments, results, objectives, problems, possible solutions as for what concerns safety and relevant technical issues in the aviation world.
SITTI considers this event as an important step towards a safer aviation world, where IFATSEA plays a crucial role. SITTI is proud to have been selected for sponsoring the 2014 General Assembly. A real implementation of Controller Working Positions (CWP) could be tested by the participants, who also got information on the many products developed by SITTI. The large number of delegates from all around the world confirmed the importance of such an event. A large number of delegations visited the SITTI stand and created the basis for a fruitful collaboration, especially for what concerns VCS (Voice Communication System) equipment.
SITTI is the market leader in VCS systems with more than 600 installations worldwide. The large company portfolio includes two families of VCSs: MULTIFONO® M800IP® (top-edge VCS, full Voice Over IP, compliant to the latest VOIP ED137 standard) and MULTIFONO® M600S (TDM plus VOIP system that combines these two technologies). VOIP gateways, AMHS/AFTN terminals, GPS clocks, consoles complete the offer.


The CNS Officers’ Guild of Airport Authority of India organized their conference on 1st September 2014 in Kolkata on

CNS is Safety Critical
A Challenging Issue World Wide

India is being emerging as an Air Navigation Service Provider; their engineers are facing new complex systems, with advanced state-of–the-art technology, for the continuous seek of high safety and availability. The conference outcome will help in further enhancing knowledge and awareness of the latest trends in aviation industry.

SITTI is currently installing and commissioning the most advanced M800IP MULTIFONO Voice Communication System at Kolkata and Delhi airports, aiming at going into operation by middle of November 2014. SITTI has therefore been proud to sponsor this important event and attend it.

As a market leader, SITTI again confirms its outstanding performance, by contributing through the unrivalled quality of its products to the overall flight safety and operations.

VOLANDIA is the biggest Italian Museum of Aeronautics. Its location close to the international Malpensa airport allows thousands of visitors to admire modern and historic aircrafts, onboard equipment and materials. The Museum is hosted in the buildings once owned by the Caproni aircraft factory, that was one of the excellence companies in this field. Visitors have the unique opportunity of visiting a museum that also explains how historic airplanes were designed and assembled in the early decades of the past century. Modern aircrafts are also shown, from the Second World War to recent times.
VOLANDIA is complete in its presentation of aeronautics to visitors, but it was missing of information about air traffic control.
SITTI has recently completed the shipment and installation of a tower console, so as to give visitors the perception of what happens when they depart or land in any airport in the world. Explanatory panels describe what a Voice Communication System (VCS) is and how it may influence their journey. The tower console hosts a true Controller Working Position (CWP) which reproduces real conversations among pilots and the tower.
Enjoy your visit.

SITTI at ATC GLOBAL 2014 in Beijing
ATC GLOBAL 2014 is a long term reference in the Air Traffic Control field. The 2014 edition is being moved from Amsterdam to Beijing (China) and will take place September 17-19.

This event is intended as a large-scale exhibition, focal point and annual meeting place for equipment buyers, users and suppliers from across the globe, where products and services from international suppliers are showcased.

As a market leader, SITTI will be present at ATC GLOBAL 2014, where the latest developments and achievements will be shown, thus confirming the unrivalled quality of their products and their suitability to a large variety of operational scenarios.

For more information about ATC GLOBAL 2014, please visit

You’re welcome to visit us at booth A431.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has given green light to Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) to start operations on May 2, as scheduled.
At the presence of the Malaysian Transport Minister, the new airport has been declared as fit and safe for use, according to the safety standards set by ICAO.
SITTI has heavily contributed to this successful event, by providing new VCS systems and expanding the already existing ones in the air traffic control network.
Voice Communication Systems (VCS) deployed in Malaysia include both TDM and VoIP installations.
They are interconnected by means of a WAN IP network that allows operator to have seamless access to remote resources.
In case of any trouble, the VCS systems may operate by their own, thus allowing operations even in case of serious faults and network interruption.
SITTI is proud to be part in this project that aims at “cementing the position of Malaysia as a leading hub”, as the Transport Minister said.

In the night between December 11 and 12, 2013, airways over the crowded area between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo underwent a significant restructuring of the Flight Information Regions (FIR) and Air Defense Regions (DCA), according to the PBN (Performance Based Navigation) project . This operation was very critical because it had to be very well planned and synchronized to avoid revert back effects in case of problems. The restructuring included communications, visualization, radar and management information and services.
The above mentioned re-sectorisation recalls the larger one occurred on October 17, 2013, when Brazil went through a deep restructuring of the overall Flight Information Regions (FIR) and Air Defense Regions (DCA), as the result of a long-term project started in 2007. The transition operation went through several phases, all run in the same night, starting at 3 AM from the first Air Defense and Air Traffic Control Integrated Center (CINDACTA 1), followed one-by-one by the other CINDACTAs (Amazonas, Brasilia, Curitiba, Recife/Atlantic). The transition went smooth as expected, although all participants were anxious because of the extreme delicacy of the steps being done. During transition, air traffic controllers could only use their radio channels to communicate to aircrafts. Last but not least, the Air Defense UHF/VHF radios were also migrated to the new frequencies.
SITTI staff was directly involved in supporting both this important migration process. Their proactive assistance and professionalism have significantly contributed to the full success of the overall operation.
For further information please follow these links:

SITTI installed and activated the new Sao Paulo TWR VCS in Congonhas Airport.

The migration from the old TWR to the new one occurred in the night from 27 and 28 of April. The Congonhas Sao Paulo Airport is one of the most crowded Latin America Airports and is successfully operating with SITTI VCS during the last ten years.

Due to the importance of this Airport a brand new TWR has been constructed and has been equipped with a Main and a Standby VCS both connected through digital link sharing resources and communication to the SRPV-SP where the APP Control is managed through the SITTI VCS since more than 10 years.

This new system contributes to the safety of air traffic in South America and consolidates the leadership of SITTI in the Voice Communication Systems market worldwide.