Energetics Technology Ltd is proud to present the first off sample of Sabremat BRIC, released from its mould on 24th April 2015.


Energetics Technology’s proprietary blast mitigating composite SABREMAT is now available in block form for the construction of blast and ballistic defences for indoor and outdoor use.


BRIC will be subjected to rigorous testing over the coming months and its performance will be evaluated against such threats as 0.357 Magnum, 7.62 ball, fragmenting blast event and shaped charges. In addition it will be environmentally stressed to evaluate its handling, structural and physical properties to produce the most robust defence while being simple to install and deploy.


The current unit has dimensions of 440 x 220 x 220mm and weighs in at 32kg.


For further information please contact


Kevin Springthorpe

+44 (0)1283 732 339