Pfannenberg Obstruction Lights – Now with FAA Certification

POL 2000R-B Approved for the International Market


Hamburg, May 2013 – The already successfully introduced obstruction light POL 2000R-B is now available with FAA certification in accordance with L – 864 for the international market.

Pfannenberg obstruction lights with LED technology are highly resistant to vibration and sea water. With a long service life of over 20 years or 100,000 hours for the overall system, they provide night identification of aviation obstructions such as wind energy turbines and tall buildings.

The obstruction light POL 2000R-B is designed as a "red" blinking night fire and can be easily integrated into existing wind parks and synchronised with the GPS control. Integration of the GPS receiver and the twilight sensor into the obstruction light housing ensure a simple and low-cost installation.

An additional advantage: Due to the variable fastening system, drilling is not necessary. The obstruction light can be easily and quickly mounted on existing supports without the need for mechanical adaptations and additional anti-corrosive measures can be omitted.

Pfannenberg has a variety of obstruction lights in its assortment which are available in various sizes (from 10 to 20,000 cd) and designs and with various approvals, such as AVV, ICAO and FAA.  

About Pfannenberg

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