Butzbach attracts visitors with hangar door mock-up

With a functional life size hangar door element, Butzbach brings its outstanding technology and quality into life on stand 1280 in hall B5. Individual requirements and bespoke solutions, based on its state-of-the-art sliding door technology, are the field in which excels this door specialist who has a technical expertise and an experience of more than 800 references in hangar doors worldwide.

The mock-up and several component exhibits allow us to explore in detail the technical finesse of the doors, such as the outstanding, cast-shadow-free light quality in the hangar due to the translucency of the special high insulation fibre glass panels, or even the technical design of the hangar doors with integrated electric drive systems, special rail technology and many safety devices which assure a lifelong safe and reliable operation.

The project specialists on the stand will present in detail the services of this “one-stop-shop” for hangar doors, including individual consultancy and definition of the project, passing by the specific design, precise manufacturing, punctual installation and lifelong service on site.

Butzbach GmbH Industrietore is a specialized supplier who offers a range of sliding hangar door variations for any size and purpose, be it for business jets, an A380 or a helicopter, an MRO or military hangar, at any location worldwide. Besides adaptation of the door system, the custom-made design comprises the extension with special solutions like tail doors, integrated vehicle doors or fuselage sheathing. Many details and references are presented on the website www.butzbach-hangardoors.com .

Butzbach Hangar Doors continue to expand on the World Market

Doors for aircraft hangars must fulfil top-notch requirements in regards to functionality and reliability – whereby it usually makes no difference if the installation is an oversized hangar door for the superjumbo Airbus A380 or a comparably small door to accommodate business aircrafts.

When speaking about doors with extraordinary design and manufactures for all kind of installation situations, then the Butzbach Group is not only first choice for owners of business aircrafts, but also for international airports, aircraft manufacturers, MRO companies and military installations.

More than 750 installed hangar door systems speak for themselves.

Numerous references worldwide verify Butzbach’s performance – in Europe you can already find a Butzbach hangar door in almost every country – even in cold Greenland Butzbach hangar doors convince with an outstanding performance.

Due to the continued expansion in the global market Butzbach is now represented in almost every corner of the world.

Current orders from airports or aviation related facilities in Indonesia, Russia, North Africa, India, Nigeria or Japan emphasize this expansion.

Worldwide customers especially appreciate the high quality standards made in Germany, reliability, long experience and an excellent planning support and therefore opt for the best alternative on the market – a Butzbach hangar door!

Each hangar door is manufactured by Butzbach millimetre accurately according to the specifications.

The door can therefore be provided in nearly all dimensions and are suitable not only for new constructions, but are also excellent when utilised in renovation tasks, where the options are often very limited due to the constructive circumstances and the statics necessities.