The World Record Bollard is here - STOMMPY® !

As a result of great research work during these last two years, STOMMPY® is ready to present the new STOMMPY® Modular Bollard with world record performances and excellent technical features.

We have always cherished high standards and that is what we make us different. Regardless of the fact that continuous crash tests are performed daily on our products, we try to lift the standards and improve. This is how the New World Record is born! Why? Because a real modern bumper system does not only provide a protection for personnel or help in organizing your facility. This New Modular Bollard will promise and deliver:

  • 100% Stronger resistance of low-level impacts
  • 60% better overall impact resistance
  • High pressure water jet resistance (IP X 9K)
  • Adaptable height due to its modular construction
  • Easier self-maintenance and cleaning procedures
  • Certified Impact Resistance Data (Energy: 25235 Joules for Mass of 4030 Kg at a Speed of 12,74 km/h)

We have created 10 Great Features to go PREMIUM and kept our impeccable patented anchorage system FIXA Block System® and high-performing elastic polymer Tecklene®. We have also kept our systems’ most important features: incredible resistance at low and high-level impacts. Moreover, we have added certification in protection against high-pressure water jet (IP X 9K) and better cost-effectiveness due to its new modular construction and minimum maintenance costs with an inviable RoI ratio.

We created the World Record STOMMPY® Bollard.