Do-it-yourself check-in – the better way!

People in airports can’t wait to get rid of their luggage. Everyone knows the holiday hasn’t started until the bags are checked in. If only there was a way to make the wait shorter…

All airline passengers want to reduce the time they spend queuing at the check-in counter. But surely if airlines are serious about giving passengers the rapid check-in they want, instead of a process that creates a bottleneck in every airport, then that means increased staff costs? No – that’s what it used to mean until 2005, when DSG Systems installed the first prototype of its Self-service Bag Drop (SBD) solution for Oslo Airport Gardermoen.

Two easy steps to check-in
DSG’s Self-service Bag Drop system allows passengers to check-in their luggage in two easy steps. Here’s how it works.

As a passenger, all you have to do is to use a kiosk to check-in and print your own baggage tag. You may find the kiosks in hotels, railway stations, car parks, etc., Attach the tag to your bags and, upon arriving at the terminal, you simply scan your own tag at the SBD counter, and you’re off.

New one-step solution
DSG Systems also offer a new one-step solution. It can be customised in line with the branding, design and regulatory requirements of any airport or airline, providing a modern and intuitive user interface. The system is based on Microsoft Windows 8 software that ensures maximum usability and safety.

DSG it also the most flexible solution on the market, with a wide variety of options for boarding pass readers, payment cards, tag printing, radio frequency identification (RFID), and near field communication (NFC).

Full flexibility
Another great feature is that both solutions can be placed on different counters, and you may even combine them in order to compare the results. This way, the terminal can try out different configurations to find the perfect match.

Passengers prefer self-service
Since 2005, DSG’s self-service bag drop system has been installed in numerous Swedish airports, Denmark’s Copenhagen airport and at Gardermoen. In fact, DSG Systems has become the market leader in check-in automation in Scandinavia and passenger surveys indicate that travellers very much prefer self-service solutions.

“We focus on making passengers' way through the airport simpler and faster, and we also strive to reduce airline costs. Those are two of our areas of strategic focus, so we are very pleased that the self-service bag drops support both goals,"

commented Marie-Louise Lotz, head of passenger service at Copenhagen Airport.

SBD is a simple and secure solution and that may be one of the reasons why people like it so much. But the main reason for its popularity is this: standing in a queue is the most boring part of your trip. DSG just made it much less boring.

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