ITW GSE that includes the brands of AXA Power, Hobart, Houchin, J&B Aviation and ITW Military is the market's most experienced supplier of ground support equipment. ITW GSE provides the biggest variety of point-of-use solid-state and diesel ground power units as well as the world’s smartest PCA, all based on a truly modular design. Over the years, we have delivered  approximately 80,000 units to customers in all parts of the world, says Poul Elvstroem, Vice President, Sales & Marketing. 

In 2015, ITW GSE have already signed the contract for the Cairo Airport Development Project TB2 and the Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal Project, Elvstroem says. And our Chinese representative has won the contact for the delivery of  83 pcs of Power Coils  for an expansion project in Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, the capital of Henan Province, China. The first delivery will take place in August 2015 and commissioning is expected to be completed before end 2015.

All in all, we expect a great record year in terms of new products in our portfolio. Never before have we launched so many new developments and never before with so many true differentiating customer benefits.

100 GPUs of AXA 2400 series to be put in operation in King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah

United States, Canada, South America, Russia and Saudi Arabia, other Middle East markets as well as France, United Kingdom and Scandinavia are good markets for ITW GSE.

Saudi Arabia has become increasingly important.  At present, ITW GSE  is installing 100 pcs of the AXA 2400 series of the 90 kVA 400 Hz units in King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah. Some of the stands are MARS stands  that will accommodate code C aircraft and code F aircraft, among other  the A380. The installation will be commissioned in Autumn as the new terminal is estimated to be operational towards the end of 2015.  A  vast number of  AXA Power Coils and  AXA Power PCA units have also been delivered to other  significant projects in Saudi Arabia i.e. to Madinah Airport and to  King Khalid International  Airport in Riyadh where we have equipped Terminal 1, 2, 5 and the Royal Terminal with 62 Power Coils and 40 pre-conditioned air units. The last batch is expected to be installed during spring 2015.

HOBART Deliveries
Recently, ten GPUs in a mix of Hobart  JetEx and Hobart 60 kVA GPUs were sold to the Armed Forces in UAE, who already have several Hobart units in operation. The units will be put in operation around June. Further, some 90 kVA Hobart units are about to be dispatched to a Saudi Arabian oil company, ready for operation around June as well.

The ITW GSE in Americas was awarded a contract to provide 50 of the Hobart 90CU420 mobile ground power carts to the Canadian National Defense in support of the Canadian Air Force. Deliveries began in 2014 and will be completed in 2015. The units will be utilised at various Air Force Bases throughout Canada. Also the Calgary International Airport in Alberta, Canada (YRC) has outfitted 22 gates with ITW GSE power and pre-conditioned air units. The order included 22 bridge mounted point of use PCA units and 22 Hobart ADV bridge mounted solid-state converters.

South America has seen tremendous growth due to the enhancement of their infrastructure in anticipation of the summer Olympics in 2016. Of particular note, Confins Airport in Belo Horizonte, Brazil (CNF) installed 49 Hobart 2300 Power Coils during a renovation of the passenger terminal in 2014.  Similarly, Viracopos International Airport, in Campinas, Brazil (VCP) installed 28 Power Coils for the construction of the new terminal at the airport.


The 2400 Compact Series - Concours the World

From New Zealand across Europe and the Middle East, more than 900 GPUs of the 2400 series have been installed since the introduction of the product mid 2014.

The 2400 series is the market’s best choice when it comes to solid-state, point-of-use units. It is small and simple, reliable and robust. It possesses all kinds of outstanding technical qualities from the unique voltage, the smart ITW GSE user interface,   up-and download via USB and the standard overload possibilities that matches all types of aircraft.

The patented Plug & Play system  automatically compensates for voltage drops along cables. This ensures on-time departures, as the voltage at the aircraft connector is kept within 115±3V. If the voltage falls without the range, the aircraft rejects the ground power unit much to the frustration of the captain and his crew not to speak of the passengers who risk to be delayed. As the only GPU in the market, the 2400 series even anticipates the requirements of the next edition of the ISO 6858 norm regarding voltage unbalance and phase displacement at the aircraft connector, in case of long output cables combined with unbalanced load.

The 2400 series is designed to handle all kinds of aircraft including the Power Factor 1 aircraft. It is unique in allowing 400% overload capacity at output as standard.  Therefore, the same GPU can be used for aircraft of virtually any size – including the latest-generation aircraft such as the Airbus A380, A350, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the coming B777.

The big, technical achievements are the possibility of software up-grades that can simply be done by means of a USB stick without having to install any additional plug-ins. But also the ITW GSE icon based display is of high value to the customers.  This display is common to all ITW GSE products from the new 28 VDC 1400 series over the 2400 series of solid-state GPUs till the 4400 series  of engine drive GPUs. It is designed for easy and intuitive use which is something that the users really like. Also the fact that the power log is presented in a graphical way pleases the audience. Airport staff, already familiar with one ITW GSE product, can therefore easily operate another as the icons and the display are the same. In this way, the number of human faults in the airports can be minimized.

The supreme voltage quality, the modular design, the icon-based ITW GSE display, the high return of investment etc. means that the 2400 series fulfils all requirements that an airport designer can think of. Thereby, this unit is indeed the safest choice for future point of use airport designs.

The 4400 series - Power when you need it
ITW GSE’s 4400 series, a 90 kVA engine driven GPU, is available in a variety of colors. The attractively looking GPU is of course equipped with the ITW GSE common user interface. Besides, it is a fuel-efficient apron power system, ideal for supplying power to all kinds of aircraft wherever an independent external power source is needed. The 4400 features a weather-proof canopy made of medium-density polyethylene which is remarkably tough, supremely reliable and fully recyclable. The sliding canopy can even be entirely removed by hand in less than two minutes thus allowing easy access for regular checks of fuel, oil, water etc.

Built around a Cummins QSB4.5 generator coupled to a 400 Hz three-phase synchronous alternator designed, manufactured, and supported by ITW GSE itself, everything about the 4400 GPU is built for toughness, reliability, and an exceptionally long service life. To maximize reliability and reduce the need for spare parts inventories, ITW GSE has also drastically reduced the number of components. This makes trouble-shooting quick and easy and makes sure the GPU is back in service quickly. Altogether, this all gives operating companies the best return on investment.

Designed to be tough
The canopy can withstand collision damage and chemical spills. It is resistant to UV light and therefore does not fade, making sure the unit keeps it’s nice appearance on site throughout its service life.

The big cable trays are made of the same tough, durable material, and also act as protective fenders, with the big advantage that they will never corrode if scratched. In the event of major damage, it is very easy to swap out the canopy or cable trays.
The canopy is also designed with rounded edges that are safer for operators as well as reducing the risk of damaging aircraft, vehicles, or other apron equipment in the event of collision.

ITW GSE - Stronger than ever
We are convinced that the efforts  in consolidating and adapting our business to fit into a global market that we started a couple of years ago, is the main reason behind the good results that we achieve, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Poul Elvstroem states. By sharing information and working together as one global team, we can serve our customers in the best possible way. We can deliver technical support before, under and after the equipment delivery as well as good and reliable products. With the great portfolio, dedicated employees and fewer manufacturing locations with a higher volume and output, we have indeed geared ITW GSE  for the global aviation growth. It all means that the ITW GSE group is stronger than ever before.

During 2015, you can meet the ITW GSE during numerous trade shows and fairs. In Dubai, in Munich for the Inter  Airport Show, but also at the AAAE in  Philadelphia in June and at the NBAA in Las Vegas in November, concludes Mr. Elvstroem.

ITW GSE - a strong and great team

AXA Power, Houchin, Hobart, ITW Military, J&B, all owned by ITW and specialists within GSE supplies, have joined forces. Under the name of ITW GSE, they have implemented a global group strategy from engineering to service, distribution and marketing. This already has strengthened the internal relations considerably. We experience the most exceptional team spirit. From the US across Europe and the Middle-East to Singapore, people are proud of working for ITW GSE.  We help, assist and learn from each other which creates a lot of synergy.  The whole organization has benefitted from the new structure, but most importantly, our customers feel the difference. From the initial contact till the product is shipped and even beyond that point, we do care, says Poul Elvstrøm, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. We listen to our customers and take pride in a quick response time. I am really proud to lead such a dedicated team. The right people at the right places once again prove to be important. This is among other what differentiates us from other suppliers and help us be a good and reliable partner that never abandon ship.

The Middle East is a very important market to ITW GSE. Last year, especially in Saudi Arabia went the AXA Power way with big 400 Hz solid-state and PCA Point-of-Use projects among others in Maddinah Airport where 69 AXA Power Coils and
21 pcs AXA Power PCAs were installed. Riyadh ordered 44 AXA Power Coils &
24 pcs AXA Power PCA units. The trend continues this year, but also in Europe, specifically in Scandinavia ITW GSE AXA Power has a strong presence.

As for Houchin, East Africa and Oman continue to stay important markets with many devoted customers whereas Hobart (outside Americas) has many customers among various Government institutions in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Future-proof operations with the new AXA 2400 Compact
To help customers cut costs and reduce downtime on ground operations, ITW GSE launched a new  solid-state GPU – the AXA 2400 Compact series in 2013. This new product is designed to handle all kinds of aircraft including the Power Factor 1 aircraft. The AXA2400 is unique in featuring 400% overload capacity at output as standard. This means that the same GPU can be used for aircraft of virtually any size – including the latest-generation aircraft such as the Airbus A380, A350, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the coming B777.

Another important benefit of the AXA 2400 Compact GPU is the patented Plug & Play system. The Plug & Play system automatically compensates for voltage drops along whatever cables and provides the best possible voltage at the aircraft plug - right where it matters. This ensures on-time departures since the aircraft does not reject the voltage supplied by the GPU because the voltage will always be kept at 115±3V. Besides being  extremely easy to use, the  Plug & Play also allows for longer cable distances. Created by ITW GSE AXA Power, the Plug & Play is only available with ITW GSE solid-state GPUs.

The AXA 2400 unit is equipped with a new icon-based color display for easy and intuitive use. The display is developed by ITW GSE’s global R&D department and it will be incorporated in all future ITW GSE products. A 100 event power log with graphic power usage display allows the airport to monitor the actual load profile of every aircraft that uses the gate. This data can also be downloaded to a ramp management system using the built in TCP/IP port or the optional Modbus RTU interface. For airport staff already familiar with one ITW GSE product, the access and operation of another ITW GSE product will thus become much easier.

Installing AXA 2400 Compact solid-state GPUs makes sure that airports can keep meeting new and changing customer demands, well into the future. They can also boast themselves of having  GPUs with a high efficiency (94%). In addition, the GPUs are of modular design which eases maintenance and fault-finding.  And since the units do not contain moving parts subject to wear and tear, the overall maintenance costs are very low. All in all this leads to a low cost of ownership.

Go Green On Ground

Reduce CO2 emissions and save energy
Creating a better environment whenever possible is a natural part of the ITW GSE business. If such initiatives can also cut cost it is even better. Airports  take a step towards a greener environment by letting external 400 Hz solid-state power units and pre-conditioned air units take over the duties of the onboard aircraft Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) while the aircraft is parked at the gate. This configuration named Go Green on Ground by ITW GSE, significantly improves the environment by reducing CO2 emissions by as much as 85%, and it also leads to a reduced noise level to the benefit of passengers and airport personnel. For the airlines, the Go Green concept means reduced cost with respect to fuel and APU maintenance. All together, the savings may amount in € 100,000 per year per gate.

Local legislation tends to ban the use of APUs at more and more airports. If this goes hand in hand with savings, why hesitate ? Implementing the Go Green on Ground concept will always be a win-win situation.

New 90 kVA Engine Drive GPU enters the market in 2014
A new ITW GSE 90 kVA engine drive converter is on the draw board of the global R&D team. The new development finds its way to the market during the second half of the year and it will of course be equipped with the ITW GSE common platform display design. “All in all a product to which we have very high expectations”, Poul Elvstrøm says.

Although many people believe diesel driven GPUs will be superseded by solid-state units,  there is still a healthy demand for diesel units. Often, diesel GPUs can been the first choice for developing airports since the initial financial outlay would be against solid-state units. Missing electrical infrastructure or the contrary i.e. the need of being independent from  electrical input on remote stands may also make customers choose diesel powered equipment. Another reason for choosing diesel units can be that certain airports have problems with a stable electrical supply to power solid-state units. When this occurs, it is not unusual to have a number of diesel GPU’s as back up. This also assists should one of the solid-state units be faulty and not in use.

ITW GSE will also bring an optimized version of the AXA Power solid-state PCA 210 to the market. The unit will of course be of the quick swop modular design that makes it easy to exchange a module on the ramp without having to call in specialized staff. As a consequence of customer demands, the optimized version weighs less than the current PCA210 and it has better performances at certain points. Also this unit is equipped with common display.

AXA Power Coils and PCA in Riyadh Airport

Hobart Ground Power diesel driven units supplying the A350XWB at the Singapore Airshow. This is the first full display of the A350 XWB at an international airshow.


4 well-known brands join forces

Come and meet AXA Power, Hobart, Houchin and Trilectron at the ITW GSE stand 1230, in Hall 5. Since we all are owned by Illinois Tool Works Inc., we have decided to join forces. We now appear as one strong, unified family in the market place. Come and take a look for yourself.

AXA Power, Hobart, Houchin and Trilectron focus on connections that are critical to aircraft. And on developing innovative products that add value. We are the market leaders and specialists. We are dedicated to our business, always at the forefront of market trends.

We have long experience and know-how within 400 Hz power supplies and pre-conditioned air and ensure that future ITW GSE products will have the same energy effective DNA.

The financial strengths of the ITW Inc. - a Fortune 200 global diversified company - make ITW GSE a very strong player with whom customers can safely do business.

It’s all about connections!
NEW AXA 2400 Compact 400 Hz Converter allows 400% overload capacity

The new AXA 2400 Compact 400 Hz power supply is ideal for all types of aircraft. It is the only GPU in the market with an overload capacity of merely 400%! - designed to make sure that airports, airlines, aircraft manufacturers and other players will not have to worry about aircraft overload requirements neither now nor in the years to come. Beside the substantial overload, the AXA 2400 unit is a true power factor 1 unit that provides 90 kW continuous at an ambient temperature of 56°C.  Also, the new power unit will not disturb any other users connected to the same mains supply because its’ overall harmonic content is less than 5% at input combined with the input power factor 1.

Of course the AXA 2400 unit follows the hallmarks of its predecessors. It is of highly modular construction that gives an easy and quick overview of all components and means easy operation and faultfinding as well. Besides, the AXA 2400 Compact has numerous features allowing easy connection to communication systems. 

Most naturally, the new unit is equipped with an improved version of the patented Plug & Play system that provides a perfect regulation and a steady voltage at the aircraft plug. The best it can be. Definitely a unit that will keep aircraft captains around the world happy.

As a result of a common R&D platform, the AXA 2400 unit is equipped with a brand new display. The display is icon-based for easy and intuitive use. It is the first of many ITW GSE products with the same user friendly, high tech display.

Let us show you the latest ITW GSE innovation during the Inter Airport show!

ITW GSE ApS, 03-10-2014
Vibeke Bo Hansen
Marketing Manager – Communication & web