ewo – Success throughout the World with its LED High-Mast Systems

At inter airport Europe 2015 in Munich, ewo will proudly present a brand new product line for illuminating large areas, as well as its expanded, tried and true F-System.

Press Conference and Aperitif: October 7, 2015, 3:00 P.M., Stand 1430, Hall B5.

For more than 15 years now, ewo has been involved with high-mast lighting systems for illuminating large areas. Our all- LED lighting solution for the apron areas at Innsbruck Airport in Austria in 2011 marked the starting point for our com- mitment to LED technology for these high-power applications. Since that time, ewo has become an industry pioneer with reference projects worldwide, and it is especially renowned for security-sensitive airport applications.

ewo ́s LED F-System series of floodlights has been specially developed for large area lighting, using up to 70% less energy and requiring far less maintenance. The modular character of the technology and its diverse configuration options make it possible to fine-tune the production technique precisely to the task at hand.

ewo at inter airport Europe, Munich, October 6-9, 2015, Stand 1430, Hall B5.

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The F-System makes mounting heights possible from fifteen to over forty meters with ICAO-compliant lighting by means of LED lens technology.

ewo presents the new GO luminaire
ewo works tenaciously on connecting first-class lighting technology with high quality creations; this is our second col­laboration with the Swiss designer Jörg Boner. After UN, ewo is now introducing the GO luminaire. „We are broadening our portfolio with GO to include another interesting product with a diverse range of uses, which is state of the art and able to meet formal requirements”, emphasizes ewo’s head of marketing, Hannes Wohlgemuth.
GO is conceptualized as a family of products. Available as standing lamps and wall lamps, they are suitable for residential streets, parks and buildings built close to one another. Jörg Boner, „We translated as many contexts and usage require­ments into one simple and clear language. The language of the design of GO is restrained, yet simultaneously strong enough that it marks the luminaires with a recognizable personality.
The South Tyrolean company ewo develops high quality luminaires for public places with the objective of being a leader in technology, functionality and sustainability. That has meant the ability to see light in a holistic way for more than 20 years now. ewo is active on an international scale and offers its customers modular, flexible and individual solutions to the directing, distribution and restriction of light. ewo approaches all of its technological and formal challenges in an open and creative way, setting the bar extremely high for itself every single day.
GO will be presented on 19 March as part of the Smart City Belysning Conference in Copenhagen.
For more information, please contact Susanne Barta: s.barta@ewo.com


ewo has developed reliable lighting solutions for the ex- treme climatic conditions of Yakutsk airport in Siberia and Thule Air Base in Greenland

Yakutsk, the capital of the Sakha Republic, is located in Russia’s Far Eastern Federal District. Winter temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius are measured here, which had led to problems in all of the luminaires previously used. ewo took up the gauntlet, and developed a new solution: the operating device for the F32 floodlight was removed, installed into an external driver box and provided with a temperature sensor that operates a heating element. This allows the driver box to be held at a constant temperature, eliminating problems with the luminaires turning on – even in extreme cold.

Thule Air Base in Greenland is the United States’ northernmost base; it is situated 885 km east of the North Magnetic Pole. The military base was completed in 1953, and has been part of Air Force Space Command since 1992. It primarily safeguards important infrastructure of the ballistic missile defense program run by the United States and Canada.

The complex also includes a 407-meter-high transmission mast for military long-wave radio; it is the highest mast north of the Arctic Circle in the Western Hemisphere. ewo developed a new lighting solution for a hangar apron at the base. In order to ensure reliable functioning, the operating devices of the floodlights were integrated into a switchboard in the hangar and connected to the luminaires on the hangar wall via a heating cable.

Once again here, ewo is a pioneer when it comes to managing particularly difficult lighting situations. For further informations please visit our website: www.ewo.com

 Yakutsk Airport, Siberia

 Thule Air Base, Greenland