New MIMO Antenna Range from Cobham Antenna Systems

Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas (Cobham), a leading antenna producer, is proud to announce a new Multiple In Multiple Out (MIMO) antenna range which contains almost 100 antennas. Included in the range are omni, directional, sector, hemi-omni and blade omni antennas, all with at least two connectors.

Cobham’s MIMO range makes use of polarisation diversity; vertical and horizontal (V+H), ±45° dual-slant or even right and left hand circular polarisations. The antennas contain two orthogonally polarised elements which are interleaved within a single aperture. This reduces the overall dimensions, compared with two separate antennas contained within one housing.

With demands for data rates, speed and throughput increasing rapidly, MIMO antennas are now becoming fundamental elements of communication networks. Anticipating these changing requirements Cobham has developed this wide range of MIMO antennas to suit many applications and markets including commercial, military and security.

Cobham’s MIMO antennas help radio systems deliver high data rates with superb efficiency, reliable throughput and minimised risk of signal drop-out.

For more information and to request a MIMO antenna brochure or datasheets click on the image or click here to download the PDF.

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Cobham combines 40 years of Satcom expertise into a new product catalogue

Cobham Antenna Systems (Leatherhead) is pleased to announce the launch of its new Satcom Product Catalogue containing details of high-performance satellite feed chain, reflector and flat plate antenna products. The catalogue reflects 40 years of expertise in the design, development and testing of leading-edge satellite communications systems.

A wide range of state-of-the-art horn-based and splash plate feed systems are available for prime focus and single and dual-offset antennas covering all the key satellite communication bands, including C, SHF, Ku, DBS and Ka-band frequencies. Linear and circular polarisation feed chains are included, in 2, 3 and 4-port configurations.

The Satcom Product Catalogue includes part numbers and configurations for all standard feed chain and reflector antenna systems and also gives a flavour of the vast range of custom configurations and projects that can be undertaken on request.

Cobham uses its feed chains in its DIAMOND range of class-leading, high performance, multi-frequency reflector antennas. These high quality, carbon fibre, antennas are available in solid or segmented formats in sizes of 1m, 1.2m and 1.5m. A range of reflector accessories, services and options are also available.

Two high efficiency X-band flat plate array products are also available, one designed for portable satcom terminals and another for Satcom-On-The-Move (SOTM) applications. Both antennas achieve overall aperture efficiencies of up to 60%, matching equivalent front-fed reflector systems. A family of Ka-band flat panel products is also being developed.

Cobham’s on-site antenna test range facilities, which are accredited by some of the world’s largest satellite operators and available for third-party testing, are described in detail in the catalogue.

For more information, to request a copy of the catalogue or to request individual datasheets please contact Cobham Antenna Systems:

T: +44 (0)1372 367003

Cobham Announces Dual-Polar ‘White Space’ UHF Sector Antenna
Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas (Cobham), a leading antenna producer, has developed a dual-polar UHF sector antenna for use in the ‘White Space’ frequency bands. This is the first product in a range of similar dual-polar base station antennas, which will be available from Cobham soon, in 2GHz, 3GHz and 5GHz bands.

Cobham’s wideband SA11-90-0.6VH/2178 antenna provides both vertical and horizontal polarisations. In conjunction with radios, having two-port diversity, it can provide non-line- of-sight (NLOS) connectivity and reliable communications in challenging environmental conditions.

The SA11-90-0.6VH/2178 antenna covers the entire frequency range 470-700MHz, meaning that it can be used in situations where a number of channels are spaced widely apart. With fewer antennas needed, operators and installers will incur lower inventory and installation costs.

The ‘White Space’ frequency band has been opened following the discontinuation of analogue television transmissions in some countries. The available frequencies have been allocated for both licensed and unlicensed uses producing exciting opportunities in long distance communication.

The UHF band is recognised for the ability to provide communications over large distances; across remote regions of land or sea; and good penetration in built-up areas. The band offers high data rates, making it extremely suitable for machine to machine (M2M) applications.

Having high gain (11dBi peak) and wide area coverage, with a 90 degree beamwidth the SA11-90-0.6VH/2178 antenna can be used stand-alone to provide sector coverage. Used in a configuration, four units are required to achieve 360 degree coverage. With appropriate power dividers and phase-matched cables, several antennas could also be stacked vertically, producing a narrower elevation beamwidth and increased gain. These are available from Cobham.

Cobham has integrated both sets of the polarised elements within the same vertical aperture producing a compact, lightweight and rugged antenna. With a UV resistant radome it is designed for long term deployment. Having dimensions of 1550 x 550 x 232mm and approximate weight, including mounting kit, of 20kg, this means shipping costs can be reduced and ease of installation increased.

New, Ultra Wideband, Dual Polar, Sinuous Spiral Antenna
CHEVELEY, United Kingdom - This newly developed sinuous, spiral antenna is particularly suitable for security, surveillance and EW applications.   Its rugged, machined housing makes it ideal for harsh environments.
All development engineering and manufacture has been carried out in the UK which means that the product is not subject to ITAR.
Ultra wideband, frequency covers 2 to 18GHz.
Directional, the Beamwidth is 65° to 95° in azimuth and elevation, with a maximum Beam Squint of only +/-4 degrees to -3 dB points across the band. 
Dual circular (Right and Left Hand) polarisation over the entire band means that there is no likelihood of any frequency being missed at any polarisation.
The very good, consistent, monotonic radiation patterns enable Direction Find (DF) systems to provide accurate Angle of Arrival data when using amplitude comparison techniques. Amplitude-matched sets of antennas can be provided.
Phase-matched sets of antennas can be provided, with support radiation pattern data, to allow high resolution DF.
Dimensions 84mm (3.3”) by 67mm (2.6”) diameter, weight 250 grams (8.8 ounces).
Model reference SSA0218RL/2044, Sinuous Spiral Antenna with Dual Circular Polarisation.

Caption (photo):  Cobham Newmarket Sinuous Spiral Antenna reference SSA0218RL/2044.  Different mounting arrangements can be provided.
Caption (polar plot):  This polar plot of the antenna’s radiation pattern is measured at 11GHz.  It shows the azimuth plot of the Left Hand Circular polarisation and is an example of the excellent monotonic pattern.
Caption: This graph derived from the antenna’s radiation pattern demonstrates the peak gain performance over the 2 to 18GHz frequency band.
Caption (Azimuth and Elevation patterns):  The azimuth and elevation radiation patterns shown above in X-Y format at 7GHz demonstrate good stability in all cuts.   Full radiation pattern data is available.

Ultra Wideband Omni Antenna developed for DAS applications
CHEVELEY, NEWMARKET UK – Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas (formerly European Antennas Ltd) has developed a new Ultra Wideband and compact Omni-Directional antenna.
Originally developed for an airport application, the antenna is required to support DAS applications covering PMR, TETRA, Cellular, Wireless LAN and WiFi communications systems.
This new Omni-Directional antenna, model OA-0.4-6.0V/2028, is ultra wideband (380MHz to 6000MHz). It features vertical polarisation and -1 to +5dBi gain across the band. The omni pattern has very low ripple, and unlike other similar antennas does not require any additional ground-plane to be able to operate across its full band.
Dimensions are 352mm (14 inches) diameter by 182mm (7 inches). Being light weight (0.97kg), the antenna can be ceiling mounted using a variety of optional mounts.  The protective radome is manufactured from fire retardant material and the unit has been SAR tested.
Further variants are planned which will have high impact radomes and can tolerate high power for applications in potentially hostile environments where RF counter measures may be necessary.

Ultra Wideband, Directional Antenna developed for US Airport

CHEVELEY, NEWMARKET UK – Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas (formerly European Antennas Ltd) has developed a new directional antenna.

This new antenna, model FPA-0.4-2.7R/2023, is ultra wideband (400MHz to 2700MHz), has circular polarisation and 2 to 7dBi gain across the band. Dimensions are 502mm (19.76 inches) diameter and a depth of 77m (3 inches). The protective radome is manufactured from a high impact, fire retardant material.

Developed for an airport application in New York, the antenna is required to support PMR and TETRA to Wireless LAN and WiFi communications systems, safely, securely and discreetly.  Being directional, it is suited to being mounted high up providing a distinct ‘foot-print’ on the ground, a feature which allows for precise frequency re-use planning. The development of directional antennas complements the company’s existing omni antennas which cover similar bands.