UNOS Fuel Operations start at Al Najaf Al Ashraf International Airport

On 3rd October 2013, UNOS began its Fuel Operations at Al Najaf Al Ashraf International Airport. UNOS hosted an inauguration ceremony at its air-side office facilities; the event was attended by Sheikh Fayed and the Board of Directors of the airport. Soon after the ceremony ended the UNOS Operations Team were in action refuelling its first aircraft. The Iran Air flight IAW3460, Najaf to Mashhad was refuelled and departed on time for its destination. See our Gallery for more pictures of the event.


Work commence on the new ‘English Village’ in Najaf

Now that detailed plans have been drawn up and the land apportionment finalised, work on the Copperchase – 4th Dimension project to build High Quality, Low-Cost Houses in Al-Najaf province of Iraq is underway with the establishment of site Concrete Batching Plant.

Architectural Consultants Fadhil Ajina has used a modular design for the structure of the two storey houses that will contain either 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms. The walls and slabs will be constructed using lightweight handheld aluminium panels.

The batching plant will ensure that the site has reliable and supply of concrete in the volumes required achieving a tight construction programme.

The Project Co-coordinator, Mr Roy Johnson of Copperchase said, ‘the modular design is very efficient, resulting in an attractive architecture. The aluminium panel formwork offers the advantage of facilitating rapid turnover of monolithic wall and slab construction using unskilled labour and without the need for cranes, ensuring high productivity at low cost.’

In parallel with the administrative process of Land Registration with Al Najaf municipality and other governmental offices, Copperchase – 4th Dimension will soon start building of a number of Show Houses. A house of each available style is to be built and fully furnished with luxury items from UK and Europe. The Show Houses will give potential buyers a flavour of the style and comfort that will soon be available through affordable finance terms.