The ARC 1000® - constantly under development

Two of the new versions delivered to China in November 2013

The runway rubber removal truck ARC 1000® is the flagship of the Berlin based manufacturer SMETS-Technology GmbH. This high performance vehicle is designed for professional road and runway surface cleaning as well as demarking on roads and airports. In operation, the ARC 1000® removes almost 100% rubber deposits and paint markings with the lowest possible stress to the surface, due to nozzle speeds of more than 450 km/h. At the same time an extremely strong suction system takes care that the waste and waste water is removed 100% from the surface.

The ARC 1000® is constantly under development and was recently equipped with some interesting new and innovative features:

  • The new ARC 1000® comes with a certified line laser which is installed at the front of the truck. The green line is clearly visible and makes it easier for the driver/operator to set the next cleaning trail and therefore helps to avoid curved lines.
  • The new remote maintenance module allows better maintenance for the customer. The service partner or the supplier can access the system from their offices for remote maintenance. This way they are able to control the system and all parameters and to give advice to the customer about needed maintenance or service work. Changes or updates of the software are also possible and require a written agreement between the two parties beforehand.
  • Another new feature is a wireless remote control for tipping and dumping. It enables the operator to open the rear door for dumping of sludge and to tip the tank.
  • Other new features include a stainless-steel booster pump, a pre-wetting device for the next cleaning trail with membrane and cyclone, the nozzle configuration is now equipped with protection plates and the whole superstructure is built from rust-resistant parts.

The ARC 1000® from Smets-Technology

Globally, these two features of the new ARC 1000® are unique: the system from SMETS-Technology has the lowest water consumption of less than 1.4 l/m²and an average performance of 1,200 m²/h.

This is a great example of a modern technology which is already ahead of today’s demands for environment-friendly, innovative and economical products.

To round things up, SMETS guarantees a lifetime for the system of minimum 12 years in case the customer decides to go with a service contract with SMETS-Technology or one of their service partners.

Two of the new version of the ARC 1000® were delivered to a customer in CHINA in November 2013.

Another two will shortly be delivered to NIGERIA and IRAQ