BIFM Innovation in Technology & Systems Award.    Manufacturer MX Innovation & Design Award.   edie Sustainability Leaders Award.

Each of these recognise the outstanding contribution that SAVORTEX's latest range of hand dryers is making towards greater sustainability and energy saving in smart washroom technology.
They also confirm our belief that smart, connected sustainable products that provide real time information to support Facility Managers will be the way forward to reduce cost, waste and carbon while improving the efficiency of building management.
We will continue to design and build sustainably, with the environment in mind, using local suppliers wherever possible. We will also continually invest in research and development and in our design to achieve lower energy consumption, improve performance and help our customers meet their energy reduction targets.
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Initial Washroom Hygiene partner with SAVORTEX® to enhance washroom sustainability
Initial Washroom Hygiene has partnered with SAVORTEX to expand its range of washroom products with the new EcoCurve hand dryer, designed and manufactured in the UK by SAVORTEX, an award winning, green technology company and leaders in smart energy saving hand dryers.
Initial said that the "EcoCurve complements the Signature range and delivers a positive environmental impact in the washroom"

The SAVORTEX engineers have combined British Manufacturing, Innovation and low energy, sustainable digital brushless motor technology to produce a new class of eco-friendly, smart hand dryers.
Dr Peter Barratt, Technical Manager, Initial Washroom Hygiene, comments: "We understand the importance of preventing cross-contamination via good hand hygiene, and providing effective hand drying facilities is a key part of this.  The EcoCurve dryer combines great design and proven energy saving, with technological advances that deliver the ability for hand dryer use and energy consumption to be recorded.  Like other products in our range, the EcoCurve provides the optimum level of hygiene and sophistication in the washroom."

The EcoCurve is the world's first smart hand dryer, reducing energy use in buildings and improving hygiene and cleaner efficiency by recording real-time energy use. Using the power of big data combined with the Internet of Things (IoT), the information, transmitted to our Cloud server, enables the washrooms to be managed and energy monitored via a web portal.
The intelligence gathered is allowing our clients to centrally and remotely manage their washroom facilities. The unique SAVORTEX trend analysis provides predictions to improve resource efficiency and allow collaboration and cross-functional, continuous conversations between stakeholders. The result is profit-boosting insights through faster problem resolution with significant reductions in cost, waste and energy, resulting in improved hygiene and resource efficiency.
Drying hands in just 11 seconds, the EcoCurve saves both time and money. The energy used is so low that 59 pairs of hands can be dried for the equivalent cost of just one paper towel.
With no consumables or heating elements to service and a self-cleaning airflow, the EcoCurve range comes with an industry-leading 7-year parts warranty.
For more information about how to improve hygiene practises in your workplace, visit or contact or call 020 3693 2570
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The EcoCurve™ Smart Hand Dryer

The unique SAVORTEX EcoCurve™ smart dryer records real-time energy usage and washroom footfall, reporting the data to our SAVORTEX® Intelligent Data web portal (SID™). Using just 550W, the EcoCurve™ recovers energy in use, producing the lowest cost and carbon footprint per dry of any hand dryer in the world.

With an industry leading 7 year parts warranty, this cost saving sustainable dryer dries 59 pairs of hands for the equivalent cost of 1 paper towel.

SID™ allows building managers to monitor energy consumption, to benchmark and save, and predicts future washroom trends for improved resource efficiency. You can set wireless alerts to the cleaners for timely inspections of washrooms, that are documented real-time based on actual footfall; leading to improved energy, waste and cost management.

1. Benchmark and Save Cost, Energy and Waste

A real-time, ongoing direct comparison to your existing drying solution provides the ability to create your own business case.

The data collected is presented on our on-line SAVORTEX® data intelligence portal, allowing building managers to use actual energy and cost figures to determine the business case for single or multi-site operations. Take your report away after you input your current drying solution.

Makes data available for ESOS, ISO14001 and ISO5001 reports.

2. Smart washroom, improving resource efficiency. The actionable data predicts the future health of your washroom.
The patented intelligent sensors on the EcoCurve™ dryers notify Facility Managers when cleaning thresholds have been reached. This information, combined with trend analysis, efficiently schedules inspections and cleaning visits, saving costs, improving hygiene and avoiding wasted staff time.

3. Profitability
Reduction of costs directly benefits the bottom-line. See the savings for yourself on or contact and we will send you details to gain access to one of our live sites. 

Chief Engineer at Carillion plc.
“We have a clear focus on carbon reduction and sustainable client solutions and the new EcoCurveTM hand dryer supports this. Utilising real data intelligence we can achieve smart cost savings and effective washroom management which is increasingly important to Carillion and our customers.”

Slimline, Energy Saving and Smart. It’s the game changer!

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