Aviator manages expansion with Damarel’s FiNDnet Suite

Damarel Systems has confirmed that Nordic based ground handler Aviator has chosen to adopt the FiNDnet Operational Database for a number of new stations in their network.

Aviator’s recent expansion into the UK and Finnish market saw them acquire operations at 4 major airports. The list includes very sizeable concerns at both London Gatwick and Helsinki, along with a strong presence at Birmingham and Newcastle International airports. With 20 existing stations in the Nordic region, Aviator are a growing force in European ground handling.

To help manage the expansion and deliver the quality handling service they are noted for, Aviator chose to implement Damarel’s FiNDnet Operational Database. FiNDnet is designed specifically for ground handlers and provides a comprehensive suite of tools that covers the entire business process. From seasonal schedule management through to demand planning, service provision capture and automated billing, FiNDnet will help ensure Aviator deliver exceptional service through an efficient operation.

Aviator was impressed by the benefits FiNDnet brings to ground handling and the immediate impact the tools have. The FiNDnet Suite provides Aviator with operational control of the business, from initial schedule preparations through daily operations & turnaround management, on-day allocations and SLA monitoring to service recording and automated billing.

Using a set of consistent tools across the new stations also gives immediate corporate oversight into operational and financial performance. Core to the system is the FiNDnet Workstation which provides a central point for monitoring and co-ordinating the operation, updating details, relaying requests to departments and seamlessly performing messaging functions. This comprehensive feature provides highly targeted statistical data enabling immediate analysis of operations and data key to meeting KPIs, and providing accurate and current information for decision-making.

FiNDnet is delivered from Damarel’s UK data centre. This Software as a Service (SaaS) model needs no additional hardware at the airports, which simplifies the rollout and reduces costs and complexity.

Damarel Managing Director, John Boult, said “We are delighted that Aviator chose FiNDnet to consolidate and co-ordinate their Ground Handling Operations at these newly acquired stations. It is a powerful and expandable system that will prove in-valuable to Aviator as they continue their expansion in European ground handling. The first system took just 10 weeks to roll-out, and is now providing a wealth of relevant data to assist Aviator in their planning and analysis of operational services.”

Ground handlers work in a challenging, complex and dynamic environment. FiNDnet helps make sure they can plan, react and stay in control.

FiNDnet Background

Developed specifically for Ground Handlers, FiNDnet provides a powerful suite of products that covers all aspects of the ground handling operation. The right automation tools help modern Ground Handlers deliver profitable, high-quality services to their airline clients.

FiNDnet Operations delivers a powerful Operational Database for Ground Handling Agents to manage their operation and coordinate departmental activity. Centralising, processing and distributing all flight movement and activity information, FiNDnet Operations helps plan, co-ordinate and monitor your ground handling operation in real-time.

FiNDnet Services provides a secure mechanism for immediately recording all ground handling services as they are provided. Ship-side mobile entry of data electronically records all under- and over-wing services resulting in minimal revenue loss and enabling next day billing, with the provision of full backing material.

FiNDnet is used by Ground Handlers at over 100 airports around the world, processing more than 4 million flight movements. More than $1billion of services have been invoiced by its users this year.