DAMPA Climate Ceilings - at the Forefront of Climate, Environment and the 2020 Energy Requirements
The ceilings in future buildings must not only be aesthetic, durable, hygienic and practical. They must also meet the 2020 Energy Requirements and help create a good indoor climate, enabling people to thrive and perform at their best. The climate component in DAMPA’s Climate Ceilings is invisible and sustainable and meets the demands of future developers in terms of energy and climate. A good indoor climate means a steady, pleasant room temperature; no one should be sitting in a draught or suffer from noise problems. Copenhagen Airport made a head start into the future when they built their new surveillance office in 2014. A number of previous indoor climate issues were solved with the new facilities, and the daily users now have a better job satisfaction than ever before.

Climate Features Hidden behind the Minimalistic, Aesthetic Front of the Ceilings
DAMPA’s Climate Ceilings have many advantages: The climate features are invisible after assembly as the cooling/heating pipes are built into the ceiling panels so you get an attractive architectural solution that does not take up much space. The built-in element makes sure that you get chaste look, without distractions to the eye. You avoid the problems of draught that are often a problem with traditional air cooling and the Climate Ceilings are a very low noise solution. At the same time, you don’t need floor heating in the construction. Climate Ceilings are a beautiful and functional way to get a good indoor climate with a temperature that stays the same always. Whether it's a summer's day with plenty of sun or a grey January day - you won’t notice a difference in the temperature. A steady temperature plays an important role in creating a healthy indoor climate. 

Cooling, Heating or Combination Ceilings
DAMPA make their Climate Ceilings as cooling ceilings or heating ceilings. Or you can even choose to combine cooling and heating in one solution. Unlike air cooling, DAMPA’s cooling ceilings work as an individual, flexible cooling solution: It is the heat radiating from the people, the machines and the solar radiation in the room that gives away heat against the cooling ceiling, creating a pleasant temperature perfectly suited to the room. All depending on the weather situation, the machines and the number of people at work each particular day, the temperature will adjust itself and create a good indoor climate. 

Happy Users in the Surveillance Office in Copenhagen Airport
The surveillance office in Copenhagen Airport is a central operations center with 40 members of staff. The employees do 12 hour shifts, monitoring everything that goes on in the airport on cameras and monitors. Being in charge of alarms and emergencies, their responsibilities require a watchful eye. Their work is done by screens where they are to sit and be focused for many hours at a time, ready for quick decisions and fast action.

Indoor Air Problems
Until recently the surveillance office experienced serious problems with the indoor climate. Employees were sitting in a constant draught, the office was too cold, there was hardly any daylight, and all these factors put together made it difficult for employees to concentrate on long shifts. Naturally, the unhealthy indoor climate had a negative effect on the employees’ sickness absence, their level of efficiency and job satisfaction. The surveillance office plays an important role for the security of the airport, so overall there were plenty of good reasons to do something about the problems.

Staff Satisfaction

Therefore, the surveillance office was enlarged and thoroughly renovated, and in September 2014 the new facilities were ready for use. The employees got a brand new office with more daylight and new cooling ceilings. Now everyone works in a temperature that is comfortable and steady, and the draught problems are history.
- "We have managed to maintain the same temperature throughout the room, because the cooling ceilings are divided into sections that are individually set. The indoor climate was our main focus before renovating the office and we have succeeded in solving all our indoor climate issues. The people working in the office are very satisfied with the new facilities. Today, they have far better work conditions, enabling them to concentrate and stay focused on airport security to the benefit of everyone in and around the airport”, says Carsten Boe, Project Manager in Construction Projects, Copenhagen Airports.

Benefits of DAMPA Climate Ceilings:
- Sustainability: Energy-saving and economical to run
- Cooling/heating pipes are hidden in DAMPA’s click on metal panels. This creates a uniform and aesthetic ceiling design
- High functionality - easy to assemble/disassemble, minimal maintenance
- No draught
- Low noise solution
- Perfectly adjusted room temperature at all time
- Good indoor climate and working environment

Low operating costs
In many cases there will be no need for ventilation with air when you use DAMPA’s ceilings. The natural ventilation in the room will often be sufficient. When there is a need for ventilation, however, comfort ventilation is a perfect solution with Climate Ceilings. When ventilation is not required to do the cooling in the room but only provide the necessary air circulation, it is possible to dimension the ventilation system significantly smaller than you would by using traditional cooling.
This provides advantages in the reduction of operating costs, reduction of noise and reduction of height as vents can be sized considerably smaller.

Cooling/heating pipes are invisible. Therefore, the ceiling does not look like a cooling/heating ceiling. It has a minimalistic, chaste design as all other DAMPA Ceilings. The DAMPA Clip-in Cassette has many design options with lots of different colors, perforation patterns and sharp or beveled edges.

Copenhagen Airport expanding Terminal 2

Durability, hygiene, maintenance, sustainability, design, acoustics, lighting, functionality are just some of the many mandatory requirements, architects and construction managers have to their partners, when one of Northern Europe's most important transportation hubs is to be expanded.

DAMPAs ceiling panels meet all the expert requirements for the implementation of the refurbishment of Terminal 2, with it hangs now DAMPA Ceilings in 80-90% of all public areas at Copenhagen Airport.

About the building:

Terminal 2 has just expanded with 12 new check-in desks, 16 new self-service check-in kiosks and 1,400 additional m2 to the passengers. DAMPA has delivered ceilings to the large extension and new building.

The project was to deliver ceilings to 1400 square meters. There was not allocated money for new floors in the existing part of the terminal, therefore it was important that the ceiling could reflect the color of the floor and make the room function as a whole. At the same time there is a low ceiling in the area, and therefore it was important to have a continuous surface without friezes to create a quiet and harmonious expression.

We have taken all the principles of our standard product DAMPA Clip-in Tile 600x600 mm, but changed the width to 1200x200 mm to accommodate the dimension of the light components in the terminal. The architect wanted a completely smooth surface, and the effect has been achieved. The solution is a sharp-edged ceiling perforated over the edge, with an inlay of white acoustic tex. The modules are easy to install and easy to disassemble. This was a requirement from the airport, one man should be able to dismantle the ceiling to get to the overhead installations. 

DAMPA has delivered ceilings to Copenhagen Airport many times and accounts for approx. 80-90% of all ceilings in the passenger areas.