Matteograssi presents Flyers: an adaptable multiple seating system

Flyers, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, is a multiple seating system specifically conceived for public areas. This new collection features formal and essential shape and versatility.

The beam is the main supporting element to which all the components are fixed and  it’s the only element which cannot be changed. The other elements are available in multiple options.

The base and the armrests are in die cast aluminium, available in powder coated or chrome finish while seat supports are in die cast aluminium and lacquered.

The tower element can be assembled replacing the end armrests or in between seats to replace the table. It can be equipped  with accessories like plugs, ventilation grid, loudspeakers or light panel with signage applications (advertising).

The seats shell are available in one piece or divided in two pieces (seat and backrest) in different finishes: coach hide, soft leather, fabric, wood, metal and polyurethane.

The side table can be supplied in different dimensions, shapes and texture to meet any layout requirements.

Flyers fits every project thanks to its adaptability. The shell can be furnished in one piece or with separated seat and back available in different finishes.

Matteograssi products in fact have the added advantage of being able to be used in a multitude of different airport settings, according to the particular area and end uses involved. Passengers all over the world have come to appreciate the quality and comfort of  leather seating and it must be pointed out that Matteograssi was the first to begin using this material for airport sittings.

Comfort, elegance and prestige are the essential requirements of the end consumer, while buyers require a partner with the capacity of offering maximum flexibility in terms of production and realization.

Matteograssi supplies the waiting areas of the new Terminal of Chattrapati Shivaji Airport

Matteograssi had the privilege to supply the waiting areas of the Chattrapati Shivaji Airport Terminal 2, Mumbai, with approximately n. 10000 seating units of the Meeting collection, design Centro Studi. The seats have been covered in coach hide in Rosso Bulgaro, Agadir and Coloniale colours.

The City of Mumbai is served by two Airports: the former the domestic flights and India sub-continent destinations and the newest is the Chattrapati Shivaji Airport for national and intercontinental flights rated as one of the biggest airports in India. Along with the New Delhi Airport the number of passengers served in total exceeds by far the 50% of the Asian air traffic.

The new international terminal at the Mumbai airport has been inaugurated on January 10th 2014.

Terminal 2 is a newly built four-level integrated terminal with an area of ​​439,000 square meters, which will pass 40 million passengers per year. It works 24 hours a day, and includes an area of ​​24,000 square meters for shops. The new T2 has 104 positions safeguards, 184 check-in counters, 47 escalators, 73 lifts and a multi-level parking for 5,000 cars. They will also be available for 14 baggage platforms, 25 bridges connecting fixed and 56 passenger boarding bridges.

Work in progress in Bangalore International Airport

The Bangalore International Airport is the most important airport of the southern Indian state of Karnataka. For passenger and freight traffic is ranked among the five busiest ports around the Indian subcontinent.

The airport is equipped with all modern facilities: cafes, restaurants, currency exchange, duty-free, wash for babies and even free Wi-Fi access throughout the terminal. The construction of the airport began in July 2005 after several postponements. It was to be inaugurated on 30 March 2008, but delays in the service of Air Traffic Controllers (ATC), have meant that the operations began only in the night of 23 May 2008.

The expansion project concerns the extension of the terminal, the runway and commercial areas with the construction of a business centre, duty free shops and entertainment centres.

Matteograssi will furnish with 2.500 seats in leather of the Meeting model, the waiting areas of the travellers.

Meeting can be manufactured in extruded aluminium beam support, of special section, epoxy painted. Feet, seating and convenience table supports made by die-cast aluminium, epoxy painted. Oval section steel frame for the seating structure, which can be covered with soft leather or coach hide. The seat body is also available in moulded perforated aluminium, which can be equipped on demand with back-rest and seat-rest cushions covered with soft leather or coach hide and even in fabric. The seat and back-rest cushions are padded with high density polyurethane foam glued to a steel flat support covered with nylon or canvas fabric.

Airport Specialists

Matteograssi first began its career in the airport sector in 1990, with the refurbishment of the lounges of the new national flights terminal at the “Leonardo da Vinci” Airport in Rome; from there on the company applied its experience to international airports too. Passengers all over the world have come to appreciate the quality and comfort of leather seating and it must be pointed out that Matteograssi was the first to use leather for airport seating.

Great Manufacturing Flexibility

Comfort, elegance and prestige are essential requirements for the end-consumer, while commissioners require a partner with the capacity of offering maximum flexibility in terms of product development manufacturing. Matteograssi products in fact have the added value of being suitable for  a multitude of different airport settings, according to the particular area and end-uses involved. The company production range is therefore ideal for those customers who require high prestige furnishings; each specific project can be personalized and developed to provide a global furnishing concept. Matteograssi furnishings are also extremely competitive in relation to the quality/price ratio and to the level of services offered.

The company also has the necessary culture and experience to interact with customers of variouscountries and can adapt its products to the specific customer requirements; it can also provide a “turn-key” service and can undertake delivery and assembly operations all over the world.

Environmental Policy and Certifications

All Matteograssi products are manufactured with a total quality management concept in order to meet UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standards. In particular, comply with the most severe regulations regarding structural resistance like UNI EN 1728/00 and ANSI – BIFMA X 5.4 – 1997. As for fire prevention standard, the modular seating systems Meeting are supplied in compliance with fire safety Regulations such as “classe1.IM “, TB133 or BS5852.

The Matteograssi alternative design proposal to Airports

Matteograssi will be Exhibiting  at Passenger Terminal Expo 2013  in Genève – booth 7036

After  the successful  completion of the supply for the Terminal 3 of the Dubai International Airport and the award of the important supply of passengers seats on beam for the prestigious new terminal at International Airport of Mumbai, Matteograssi is now presenting the lifestyle furniture proposal on the  occasion of  Passenger Terminal Expo 2013 in Genève.

The upholstered armchairs and sofas collection, covered in genuine leather, is  the Matteograssi alternative design proposal to Airports willing to offer to their passengers a more comfortable waiting space, to relax and enjoy a renew and pleasant airport environment.

An example is the Domino sofa, which can be configured in curves and host passengers in a different environment from the usual beam seating.

Customization, such as anchoring to the floor or special sizes for example, are possible as all the Matteograssi products are manufactured inside the factory from skilled workers specialized in the use of genuine leather.


 Domino modular sofas by Piero Lissoni – 2011

 Britt – TT21 small armchairs by T.Wise 2006