Delta Selects BETA Fueling Systems for their Hydrant Dispenser Trucks.

Reidsville, North Carolina - BETA Fueling Systems publically announced today that they have received an order from Delta Airlines to supply ten 800 gallon per minute (3000 Lpm) hydrant dispenser trucks for Delta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

BETA’s newest hydrant truck series, the HT-800’s are designed to endure the rigors of the world’s busiest airport as well as extreme hot-to-cold climate swings experienced in Atlanta, Georgia. The company began delivering the new order in November 2014.

“Delta wanted a supplier who could leverage global experience to help them survive extreme conditions like last winter’s polar vortex”, said Jon DeLine, President and CEO of BETA. “BETA's equipment proved to be fully reliable for Delta in last year's sub-zero conditions, which was one of the driving factors to give us this new order”, said DeLine.

BETA has developed a unique skill set serving global customers in extreme climates around the world for over 40 years. “There are many variables to consider when designing equipment for global fueling operations”, said John Ingold, BETA’s Engineering Manager. “We consider everything from aircraft types to user safety, and ergonomics to climates. Our mission is to thoroughly cover every operational scenario to ensure fuel gets safely into the aircraft and flights to depart on time”, said Ingold.

BETA Fueling Systems, is the world’s leading manufacturer of hydrant dispensers, hydrant carts, and aviation refueling modules and has 1000’s of refueling units in service in over 30 countries world wide.

For more information about BETA Fueling Systems, visit

US-based Liquip Aviation and Beta Fluid Systems Becomes BETA Fueling Systems

REIDSVILLE, NC - US-based Liquip Aviation and Beta Fluid Systems are now BETA Fueling Systems, a global leader in aviation refueling equipment for commercial and military aviation. The former Liquip Aviation management as well as German manufacturer Alfons Haar are managing partners in the company.

Liquip Aviation’s Beta Fluid Systems was formerly owned by Australia-based McAleese Group. Representatives from the respective companies completed the sale transaction on Friday, October 31, 2014.

“Customers are demanding equipment manufacturers raise their standards for reliability, support, and delivery across the industry.” said Jon DeLine, President of BETA Fueling Systems. “Our partnership with Alfons Haar continues to align us to fulfill these needs, while enhancing our overall technology offering and capability.”

Beta Fluid Systems has been a leading global manufacturer of aviation refueling equipment for both military and commercial aviation for over 40 years, serving more than 30 countries. Specializing in hydrant dispenser truck and carts, as well as refueling modules, trucks, and fuel filtration, BETA now adds to their portfolio a full suite of Alfons Haar aviation fueling components to their offering.

Alfons Haar, based in Hamburg, Germany is a global technological leader in the design and manufacture of fueling systems, components, and technologies for aviation and petroleum industries.

“The BETA Way is all about reliability, support and delivery,” DeLine said. “It’s a philosophy that is the foundation for not only our manufacturing process, but also our company culture.”

BETA Fueling Systems will continue to serve the global aviation market from its headquarters in Reidsville, NC. Visit to learn more.

Liquip’s Beta Systems Division Outperforms for Pertamina

Liquip’s Beta Fluid Systems Division, located in Reidsville, North Carolina, USA announced today the completion and 100% on-time delivery of fifty aviation refueler modules and hydrant dispenser carts destined for Pertamina Aviation, the aviation fueling division of Indonesia’s national oil company.

The contract was part of the largest single contract in the world, awarded in October 2013 with seemingly impossible delivery requirements and heavy performance penalties for late delivery. Not only did the company deliver the contract on time, but over 50% of the units were completed well ahead of schedule.

“Pertamina contracts are some of the most stringent in the world in terms of delivery and reliability requirements, especially in remote harsh conditions. Beta has a unique capability to deliver reliable products, in high volume, on time.” Said Jon DeLine, President of the division.

Pertamina Aviation manages all commercial aviation fueling at Indonesia’s 230 airports. With over 13,000 islands, and many of those airports operating as key economic links between hundreds of remote islands, equipment reliability is of primary concern. Airlines depend on fueling equipment to keep them flying, so any equipment downtime in remote areas can be catastrophic to local economies.

“When reliability, support, and on-time delivery are the key decision drivers, customers choose us. Everyone here is focused on helping our customers turn their fuel into profit.” Said DeLine.

Beta Fluid Systems, is the world’s leading manufacturer of highly specialized aviation fueling equipment and has 1000’s of refueling units in service in over 40 countries world wide.

Beta Fluid Systems, is the world’s leading manufacturer of highly specialized aviation fueling equipment and has 1000’s of refueling units in service in over 40 countries world wide.

For more information about Liquip’s Beta Fluid Systems Division, visit

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