The sky's the limit for Recycling at Zodiac Aerospace

Zodiac Aerospace is a world leader in aerospace equipment and systems for commercial, regional and business aircraft, as well as helicopters and space applications. Altogether, the Zodiac Aerospace businesses employ 30,000 people worldwide and work with clients throughout the world, offering a comprehensive range of products and services to respond to new challenges in aerospace.

Zodiac Aero Evacuation Systems, subsidiary of Zodiac Aerospace, is a world leader for civil aviation evacuation slides, slides/rafts, life rafts, life vests and helicopter emergency flotation equipment. Zodiac Aero Evacuation Systems take a global approach to sustainable development throughout the facilities, which includes a commitment to reducing waste production and recycling a minimum of 80% within their sites as per corporate goal.

With this commitment to waste reduction and recycling in mind, Zodiac Aero Evacuation Systems contacted Glasdon about our Recycling Containers. Nexus® 140 and Nexus® 100 were ordered for the collection of general waste, mixed recyclables (single stream) and compost for the cafeteria and for collecting general waste and mixed recyclables (single stream) in the production area.

These products have made a positive impact on the recycling at Zodiac Aero Evacuation Systems and a further order for Nexus® 100 has been placed.

It's great to see Zodiac Aero Evacuation Systems striving to reduce their environmental impact, not just within the organisation but for air transport as a whole. By encouraging recycling across their sites, this simple act, if committed to by everyone, could make a massive difference to our world's resources.

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Recycling with Returpack

Returpack is responsible for the deposit system on metal cans and PET bottles for beverages in Sweden. The privately-owned company manages the finances of the scheme and organises the return of containers for recycling. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency set tough targets of a 90% recycling rate for cans and bottles - the target was achieved for aluminium cans in 2010.

Our Glasdon Europe AB team work closely with Returpack to offer a wide range of recycling containers for collection points. Our range of recycling containers are available in a choice of sizes with optional custom colour graphics and apertures. Glasdon indoor recycling bins and outdoor recycling containers lead to clearer and more effective waste separation and cut down on cross contamination.

Returpack partners have purchased a large number of our C-Thru recycling units for use in airports, designated transport areas, sports arenas, office sites and other public spaces. Clear recycling containers increase security, make it easy for operators to know when a bin requires emptying and further reduces the risk of contaminating the recyclable material with other waste.

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New to the Glasdon collection are Genesis GRP buildings, a range of high quality kiosks which are available off the shelf for quick delivery (free to mainland UK).

These economical GRP buildings are ideal for a large variety of outdoor applications such as car parks, security gates and toll booths. Perfect for limited budgets!

The Genesis range of glass reinforced plastic buildings, provide a strong, versatile and comfortable accommodation solution for employees.

These stylish GRP kiosks come as standard in four layouts, offering high quality materials at a budget-conscious cost.

Portable and adaptable, the sizes available are as follows: 1.5 x 1.5m GRP kiosk, 2.3 x 1.5m GRP building, 2.3 x 1.5m GRP kiosk (double sliding window model) and 2.7 x 2.2m GRP building.

The largest GRP kiosk in the Genesis range is suitable for retail purposes, as kiosks offer a low cost way of enhancing your brands visibility and presence at venues and events. From goods inward offices and portable offices to gate houses and sentry posts, this size unit would be ideal.

The GRP booth with double sliding window allows you to easily communicate with visitors and provide quick customer service, perfect for information kiosks and busy ticket sale areas. Ideal for football and other event programme selling. This model is also suited as a security cabin, as the double window space allows a higher visibility span.

Insulated and weather resistant, the Genesis GRP kiosk range come as standard with fully flame retardant white panels. A wide range of optional extras available to kit out the cabin to your specification, and stickers can be used to personalise and brand the outside.

The practical and multifunctional Genesis GRP units are sturdy and robust, available in a wide range of sizes that are low–maintenance and affordable.

Glasdon also produce a wide range of GRP Modular Buildings, GRP / Steel Housings and Equipment Cabinets. 

With an infinite set of uses within the industrial and commercial sectors, GRP and IP-rated units provide a quality, reliable and cost effective solution. The durable constructions deliver an impressive focal point and superior accommodation for a large range of applications.

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Glasdon ‘Garrison’ Battery Charging Housings at Manchester Airport

As part of an upgrade scheme Manchester Airport identified a need for two housings to accommodate electric vehicle battery charging equipment. A quick delivery and minimal site disturbance during installation were two of their key requirements.

The Project Manager at Manchester Airport, contacted Glasdon and a site meeting was arranged with the Company’s local Area Sales Manager to discuss the project in detail. Having looked at the wide choice of Glasdon products available for protecting industrial equipment, the Garrison housing range was found to satisfy all of Manchester Airport’s requirements.

The Garrison range has proved to be the ideal choice for Manchester Airport with many added benefits.

  • A comprehensive choice of sizes and optional features allowed the Airport to specify housings which fully utilised the space allocated on site and comfortably accommodated all of the equipment.
  • The housings were provided pre-assembled by Glasdon which saved time on site and kept disturbance to a minimum.
  • The use of durable GRP (fibreglass) panels and high quality ancillary components means that future maintenance costs will be negligible. Manchester Airport chose Garrison housings because, as with all Glasdon products, they are designed to offer the ‘best value’ for money over a long service life.
  • The Garrison housings can be easily relocated if site circumstances ever change in the future.

Manchester Airport were very pleased with their choice of the Garrison range. Glasdon provided the ideal solution to accommodate the battery charging equipment. Built to the exact specification, the Garrison housings were delivered to a very urgent timescale and installed with the minimum amount of disruption. They have proved ideal for this application.

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Grampian Flying High

Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport is the largest airport in Spain and the sixth busiest in Europe, handling almost 40 million passengers in 2013.

The award-winning Terminal 4 building designed by Antonio Lamela and Richard Rogers opened in 2006 and is the main hub for Iberia Airlines. As part of global security concerns on air travel, the airport prevents liquids, aerosols and gels being taken flightside.

Madrid-Barajas Airport contacted Glasdon looking for secure, stylish containers that could handle large quantities of prohibited canisters, bottles and spray cans.

Grampian Recycling Bins were chosen and have been installed throughout landside on Terminal 4 in pairs, separately collecting aerosols from plastic, metal and glass items.

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Winter Safety Management for British Airways

Winter maintenance has always been a priority for British Airways, and they previously extended their winter safety strategy at the busy Heathrow International airport.

Baggage handlers, re-fuelers and many other airport staff work underneath the aircraft during its time in the stand, making safety during winter weather paramount in these locations. The slim design of the Turbocast 300 walk behind grit salt spreader meant that it could be easily manoeuvred around the airport and underneath planes.

The use of the Turbocast 300 grit/salt spreader helped improve the efficiency and effectiveness of British Airways’ winter safety strategy. Enabling them to provide a much safer working environment for staff, with a faster turnaround time, plus being able to use more areas of the airport that were inaccessible in the past due to ice and snow.

Check out our video of Turbocast 300 gritter in operation!

To view our full range of winter safety equipment visit Which includes a variety of walk behind grit spreaders, broadcast and drop spread towable gritters, heavy duty grit/salt bins and a selection of snow shovels.

Recycling Airside

Fort Wayne International Airport in Indiana was built during World War II as a US Army Air Forces base.

Today, the Airport serves more than half a million commercial passengers flying to destinations including Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta and Dallas-Fort Worth.

The Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority bought Glasdon's Nexus 100 recycling bins to encourage passengers to dispose of their recyclable litter responsibly.

The units collect paper and drinks containers, as well as a non-recyclable general waste container in each bank, and are customised in the Airport's corporate colours.

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Nexus 100 in Pulkovo Airport

Pulkovo Airport is in St. Petersburg and is managed by the Northern Capital Gateway. This has become one of the first airports in Russia whose goals are to help reduce the negative effect of waste to landfill.

Ms Mukhametshina the environmental manager for Pulkovo Airport required a recycling scheme that would be appealing & practical to put into place. The bright coloured apertures and attractive personalised recycling stickers make recycling easy for the public regardless of language whilst the wheeled door feature makes removing waste easy, quick and safe for service staff.

Another concern was accidental leakage from unfinished cans/bottles, which had been a problem the airport faced in the past. As standard the Nexus 100 recycling containers come with a drip tray that will collect any waste liquid. The tray can be easily removed for emptying and cleaning and removes any slip hazards found in less developed recycling schemes.

Over 200 bins for general waste, paper and cans/bottles collection have been supplied to Terminal 1 of the airport to encourage successful recycling. Glasdon are sure the Nexus 100 range will get this project off the ground for the prestigious Russian airport.

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Replacing seats at Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport is one of the UK's top ten busiest commercial flight hubs, handling more than 5.9 million passengers in 2012.

The Airport needed to replace their existing public outdoor seating, which despite a re-spray four years previously was badly corroded. The original supplier of the seats had ceased trading.

Sam Goldsworthy, Operations Support Co-ordinator for Bristol Airport, was visited by his local Glasdon representative and introduced to the wide range of Glasdon seating products. Bristol Airport wanted a robust, economically-priced metal seat that was in keeping with the modern architecture of the Bristol terminal building.

After considering a number of options, Bristol Airport purchased Alturo Seats with optional armrests.

The Alturo Seats have been well received and offer a number of benefits:

  • Contemporary design fits in with surroundings.
  • Aluminium seat pan and back rest and cast aluminium ends will not rust, reducing maintenance.
  • Complies with Disability Discrimination Act guidelines on accessible public seating and accommodates 3 to 4 people per seat.
  • Attractive aerofoil shape seat pan reduces the impact of fire damage and prevents water pooling.
  • Armrests provide additional support for users.


Mr. Sam Goldsworthy, Operations Support Co-ordinator, said:

"The Alturo Seats have proved to be successful for the Airport and are both durable and low maintenance, while complementing the modern aesthetics of the terminal building.

"As we have experienced on previous projects, Glasdon were again able to offer us a cost-effective solution with outstanding service and we would not hesitate to contact them for any future requirements."

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Valet Parking in Style at Heathrow

London Heathrow Airport is the busiest in the UK and third busiest in the world by passenger numbers. Terminal 3 serves long haul operators, including American Airlines, Qantas, Cathay Pacific and the main hub for Virgin Atlantic.

Valet parking is available at all Heathrow Terminals. When Terminal 3 needed new accommodation for valet parking staff, they turned to Glasdon.

Heathrow Airport specified the Beacon™ Modular Building System, a flagship building product that provides the ultimate in user comfort. Beacon features exceptional levels of insulation and can be extensively customised to suit your needs.

The Heathrow valet parking office has been personalised with wraparound vinyl graphics to create a highly visible and visually arresting focal point, promoting the valet parking scheme and making sure clients know where to go.

To see more photos of the Beacon office at Heathrow Terminal 3, and many more shots of the Beacon in a host of different applications, visit the Glasdon UK Flickr page

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Imagining A Safer World

Above us only sky - but around us, Glasdon products are making Liverpool John Lennon Airport safer for travellers and staff.

Day trippers, paperback writers and anyone else with a ticket to ride won't need any help spotting Glasdon's Carleton Waiting Shelters, Modus Pay & Display Shelter or Advanced Neopolitan 150 Bollards at the 12th busiest airport in the United Kingdom, with more than 4 million passengers moving through the refurbished terminal in 2013.

The car parking situation at the airport was fine, but management were not content to just let it be. Working with contractors Hollingsworth Bros UK Ltd, LJL implemented a new short term "drop off" car parking arrangement. The project called for waiting shelters to provide cover and protection for the pay and display parking machines in the new space.

After contacting multiple shelter suppliers, Hollingsworth Bros and LJL chose Glasdon because of the overall package we were able to offer: competitive pricing, fast delivery and excellent customer service. After some hard days' nights, our shelters assembly team worked eight days a week to come in well under the customer's six-week timetable, with all the shelters delivered early.

At the same time, LaFarge Tarmac contacted Glasdon's specialist highways safety sales team looking to protect an emergency crossing point at the airport. Emergency services teams and airport staff needed to be able to access the route quickly in a crisis, but keeping access clear was a high priority.

Glasdon socketed bollards are perfect for temporary, permanent or semi-permanent installation - just the job for the airport. The Advanced Neopolitan 150 Bollard's LockFast Socket is permanently fixed in concrete, while the bollard top can be quickly removed using the key provided. An optional blanking cap is available to leave a flush surface if the bollard is out for longer periods of time.

Emergency services crews and airport staff have keys for the bollards in case of a crisis. LaFarge Tarmac's operatives were impressed with how easy the bollards were to install, and everyone agrees they look great.

Money can't buy you love, but it can go a long way with Glasdon's range of economical, robust and attractive site and street furniture products. If you've got a project for us, we can work it out! Visit our website, email or call us today on (01253) 600410.