BETAjet 400 FRNC-smartflex-V2 with twisted Neutral. - The smart solution for a nasty problem!

400Hz Ground Power Cable for high flexible use.

Normally a 7-core cable should not be designed as a 6-over-1 construction, as the central conductor is under mechanical stress.

For 400Hz application however you need to use such design because of symmetry and the minimized voltage drop.

The cable has to take bending and twisting forces in all directions. By torsion forces the core twisting will be opened up or tightened, which results in a lengthening resp. shortening of the complete cable itself. The central core however cannot participate in these length variations, which is why it has to suffer extreme mecha-nical stress from stretching and compression; very often it results in core breakages.

Smartflex-V2 has a threefold protection against neutral core breakage built in!

1. Proven glass fiber backing braid integrated in the double layer outer sheath against torsion
2. Further enlarged blind core in cable center taking length variation stress without difficulty
3. Six single cores twisted around the central dummy element forming the neutral conductor
The new patented LEONI 400Hz cable provides for significantly improved operation reliability.

·     Significantly reduced hazard of breakage by improved length flexibility of neutral conductor
·     Sixfold redundancy of neutral conductor
·     Optimal construction of outer sheath with integrated backing braid and excellent toughness
·     Cross-linked cores with increased temperature resis-tance up to 160°C short term
·     Slightly increased neutral conductor cross section of 36 mm² (the version smartflex-VFN without control cores offers fully 72 mm² total neutral conductor cross section and provide an improved EMI protection)
·     No increase of cable diameter - it fits in most cable retrievers without changes. Special SRC conductors allow for minimum diameter and same outer size as standard single core neutrals.
The until now offered Smartflex-V (224733) will be produced on request only and has been fully replaced by the new BETAjet 400 FRNC-smartflex-V2. A marginal price increase stands for a further improvement of the excellent value for money of the BETAjet FRNC-smartflex cables.

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LEONI Studer Catalogue  - BETAjet® / BETAlux® - 400 Hz Ground Power Cables and 5 kV Airfield Lighting Cables