Lift your Business all the Way With Vaculex Airport Solutions

Do you know there's an easier and more efficient way to handle baggage in airport terminals? A flexible solution that makes the job more efficient reduces costs and minimizes risk for injury.

Vaculex with it’s headquarter in Sweden is a world-leading manufacturer of lifting equipment based on vacuum technology. Since 1986 we have offered unique and flexible solutions based on the latest technique and reliable and quality assured products. We develop and manufacture lifting solutions for airports with high demands on ergonomics, safety and efficiency. Our products are appropriate for Airports and terminals where frequent and fast lifting of cargo and baggage takes place.

We make your job easier and safer
Airline baggage and cargo handling is often handled manually. This is a high-risk zone for musculoskeletal disorders caused by heavy weights and high frequency. Our ergonomic solutions considerably reduce the high injury risks associated with manual handling. This provides many benefits to an airport, such as dramatically reduced sick leave, lower staff turnover, staff utilization and a happier team.

Over the last 10 years a client base of more than 60 airports worldwide has been built up that are utilising Vaculex equipment on a daily basis.

Flexible solutions for any applications
Show us your terminal, and we will help you to find a suitable solution.

The flexibility of the Vaculex products means that we can overcome many of the physical constraints that occur in the airport baggage halls. Whether retrofitting into an existing terminal or planning for a new building, we can offer solutions that will adapt to the existing or required infrastructure.

With our help you can give the baggage handler the best solution that is easy to work with and above all – safe to work with.

You are welcome to visit our stand 1086 in hall B5 to see live demonstrations of the products in operation and also test the equipment to try first-hand how easy it is to work with the Vaculex equipment.