What are you going to do when a wheelie bin gets too heavy to lift?

One option is to call your friends and all of you group together and try and lift it – well maybe in the old days, but not anymore! A solution has been found in the form of wheelie bin tipplers.

The traditional way of tipping was to do it manually which took a lot of time and effort, however the tipplers reduce this effort and can reach maximum heights of 170cm, in just 14 seconds. Peter Bond, Director of BritishBins says: “These wheelie bin tipplers have revolutionized the way lifting bins is handled and make emptying two or four wheeled bins effortless, both indoors and outdoors.”

Conforming to European design standards, these standalone devices are ideal for anyone in the commercial market who need to move paper or heavy waste from one bin to another, over high walls or into high skips on a regular basis. Traditionally, this was done using electronic hydraulics however a patent has now been issued for a comb bar gravity lock which keeps hold of the wheelie bin just as securely.

Another big concern these days is also how much space is needed for waste disposal solutions. Previously, large machinery would take up lots of space, however what makes these tipplers stand out is the fact they don’t need the cage interlock, thereby reducing their operating space.

But it’s not just the space for the machinery that’s an issue. What also has to be considered is the amount of space taken up by the waste. “Having the opportunity to being able to move the waste from different sizes of wheelie bins with different loads quickly and safely, will help some of the serious issues of space that there is these days” – Peter Bond, BritishBins Ltd.

Further information about the wheelie bin tippler range, can be obtained by contacting Peter Bond at BritishBins Ltd on 0208 776 8911 or by e-mail peter.bond@britishbonds.co.uk. The tippler, and other relevant products, can also be viewed on BritishBins’ website www.britishbins.co.uk.