Kilfrost welcomes the aviation de/anti-icing industry to their inaugural training event

Kilfrost, the global leader in the supply of deicing products for the aviation industry, has held their inaugural Aviation De- and Anti-icing Fluids and Best Practice Workshop.

Delegates from around Europe attended the event, designed to share Kilfrost’s expertise and knowledge with industry leaders and to develop understanding of the design and key properties of aviation deicing fluids.

The two-day event included presentations on key topics, including the latest working systems within the deicing industry, plus a tour of Kilfrost’s production and laboratory facilities at their headquarters.

Presentations were given on topics ranging from the history and importance of deicing and anti-icing aircraft through to technical information on maintaining fluid quality and fluid sampling. Delegates were encouraged to share their personal experiences and topical discussions were held throughout the event.

Hands-on demonstrations were also a key aspect of the workshop, allowing delegates to participate and witness first-hand the equipment that is used to develop and approve Kilfrost products.

Along with other technical specialists from Kilfrost, the presenters included Brian Anderson, co-chair of the SAE G12 Aircraft Ground De-icing Training Committee. Brian has over 40 years of experience in deicing operations and was available to answer queries throughout the event.

Kilfrost is the global leader and a pioneer in de-/anti-icing products, having delivered safety critical products to the transportation industry for over 80 years.

Gary Lydiate, Chief Executive of Kilfrost, said: “The two day event was a great way to showcase the expertise we have here at Kilfrost and to share the ideas and experiences of those within the industry. Our technical team is frequently asked to conduct training sessions by individual customers, so it made sense to hold a training event, bringing together all aspects of the de/anti-icing process.

“The delegates who attended are using our products and equipment day-to-day, so we have gained some valuable knowledge and understanding from the field. The feedback we have received from the event has been really positive and we are looking into making this an annual event.”

Kilfrost China awarded Qualified Supplier status by Ameco Beijing
Kilfrost, the global market leader in the supply of de/anti-icing products for the aviation industry, has been named a Qualified Supplier by Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Corporation (Ameco) Beijing.
Ameco Beijing provides maintenance, repair and overhaul services for commercial aircrafts. As well as servicing Air China’s entire fleet, the company has partnerships with major international airlines and offers services to almost one hundred domestic and international carriers.
Kilfrost has been awarded Qualified Supplier status for an unlimited duration and will provide the company with its de/anti-icing fluids. Ameco Beijing de/anti-iced around three hundred aircrafts per day last winter at Beijing Capital Intenational Airport Terminal 3, which is the largest terminal in China.
Ameco Beijing first engaged with Kilfrost a number of years ago when it used the company’s Type I de/anti-icing fluid, DF Plus, and Type II fluid, ABC-3, to remove contamination such as snow, ice and frost from the critical aero-dynamic control surfaces of aircrafts to ensure safe flights.
Ameco Beijing worked closely with Kilfrost’s UK manufacturing facility and Kilfrost China to assess the quality of the fluids. This ensured that it could deliver a high class service to its clients using Kilfrost’s products.
Effective de/anti-icing solutions are essential during freezing conditions and precipitation for a number of reasons. Frozen contaminants can cause aircraft wings to be coarse and uneven, disrupting the smooth flow of air, increasing drag and reducing the ability to generate lift.
In addition, if large blocks of ice become dislodged during take-off, this presents a serious risk to engines and propellers. It is also essential that engine inlets and sensors on the exterior of an aircraft are free from ice or snow.
Nathan Zhang, Senior Vice President (Asia) at Kilfrost said: “Our de/anti-icing fluids are used by customers in 76 countries across five continents to ensure that flights can continue to operate even in the harshest weather conditions. We are pleased to be recognised as a Qualified Supplier by Ameco Beijing.
“Not only do our fluids have good storage stability and holdover times, they have very low toxicity levels. Kilfrost’s DFSustain is the world’s first approved sustainable wing de-icing fluid, manufactured from corn-derived glycol. Kilfrost’s fluids are also fully compliant with AMS 1424 and 1428 industry standards. This means the fluids have been proven to flow-off an aircraft during the critical take-off time without affecting its performance.

Kilfrost launches Freeze Point Calculator to ensure best performance of de/anti-icing fluids

Kilfrost, the global market leader in the supply of de/anti-icing products for the aviation industry, has launched a new online tool to assist airports, airlines and ground handling crews when using de/anti-icing fluids to keep transport safe and on schedule during the winter months.

Preparations for winter are already underway at Kilfrost and the launch of the Freeze Point Dilution Rate Calculator for aviation customers across the globe will make applying the correct dilution of de/anti-icing fluid simpler. The correct ratio of inhibited glycol to water can be calculated to enable optimum performance of Kilfrost’s de/anti-icing fluids.

The new tool enables users to quickly and efficiently determine an accurate freeze point dilution rate, ensuring the correct dilution of de/anti-icing fluid is applied to an aircraft when cold weather hits. The new device saves valuable time and can be used in the field so that transport is maintained at all times, especially during harsh winter conditions.

Gary Lydiate, Chief Executive of Kilfrost commented: “Kilfrost has been satisfying the operational, safety and maintenance needs of the aviation industry for over 80 years and is continually investing in research to ensure our products maintain reliability and are easy to use.

“In response to customer demand we have provided a tool to ensure that Kilfrost’s products are used in the correct manner for optimum results.”

The Freeze Point Dilution Rate Calculator is available on the Kilfrost website and is also available as a mobile version for ease of use on the majority of smart phones. To access the calculator, visit the Kilfrost website at