Save time & money with SABA Sealer Fast at Inter Airport Europe 2015

Time is money. The shorter an airport has to close for maintenance, the lower the costs. SABA Sealer Fast is a 2-component polysulphide-based sealant that seals joints in concrete extremely quickly. After only 3 hours, the sealant is hard and the surface is ready for use. The sealant is applied using an application cart that has been designed specifically for this purpose. SABA will be presenting this new total product and application concept in the Holland Pavilion, Hall B6, Stand 562 at Inter Airport Europe.

SABA has consciously opted to concentrate on polysulphide technology. SABA is the only manufacturer in the world that has sealant products with an extremely high polysulphide content that ranges from 30% to an incredible 60%. SABA’s polysulphide sealants have been used successfully across the world for many years in soil-protection facilities that require high chemical resistance, like airports, fuel stations and chemical companies.

Fast Sealing
SABA Sealer Fast is a 2-component sealant. The product’s 1:1 mixing ratio ensures that the curing process is extremely fast. After only 3 hours, the sealant is hard and the sealant joint can be driven on. It takes at least 12 hours, sometimes longer, for normal sealants to cure. So SABA Sealer Fast ensures that processing times are considerably shorter and that maintenance costs are lower.

Durable Solutions
A major advantage of SABA’s polysulphide products is their durability. Their exceptional chemical resistance (thanks to their relatively high polysulphide content of 30% to as much as 60% and their unique product composition) ensures that SABA’s sealants last from 20 to 25 years. This can result in significant costs savings, because less maintenance is required and the products have a long lifespan.

Total Concept

SABA has its own support team. The specialists in this team maintain close contact with various suppliers of application equipment. This enables us to give customers targeted advice about the most effective way to apply the product. The total concept that SABA will be presenting at Inter Airport Europe will bring all the expertise and experience involved in sealants, adhesives and their application together in one innovative total concept.