Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Airport, Mauritius

The new terminal at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Airport (SRR), the main international airport in Mauritius, has been officially inaugurated following three years of work.

Mauritius International Airport is located 48 km southeast of the capital Port Louis. The new terminal extends over three levels and covers an area of 56,900 m². It is the biggest infrastructure construction project in the history of Mauritius.

Jacques Follain, CEO of Aéroports de Paris Management, said, “This new terminal, which doubles the airport's capacity, will play a key role in the economic development of Mauritius. The island wanted a world-class airport site in order to better fulfil the demands of its growing tourist industry. [...]” The interior fit-out specialist company Lindner largely contributed to completing the interior design by supplying high quality metal ceilings and partitions for the interior of especially the arrival and baggage claim area. The baggage hall’s appearance is dominated by a natural and vivid mixture of curved, plain and transparent surfaces.

The ceiling comes up with curved plain elements creating waves throughout the entire room bordered by specially designed baffles that set the frame to the adjacent ceilings made of expanded metal. Lindner supplied more than 5,000 m² of this expanded metal ceiling which has, thanks to its mesh size, a filigree appearance and allows for some views to the technical side of the airport above the ceiling. Their openness is often an important criterion in airports when it comes to quickly locating the position or finding the cause of fire or smoke in the ceiling cavity.

Furthermore, expanded metal ceilings are produced in an environmentally-friendly way by stamping and drawing processes. They save on raw materials and are simple and straightforward to handle. This manufacturing process gives expanded metal ceilings from Lindner their unique character.

The decision to have the airport fitted out with high quality products from Lindner is without doubt in line with the terminal being built in accordance with the Mauritius Sustainable Island concept, which is a national priority of the country's government. Moreover, the harmonious use of Lindner timber and glass partitions also contributes to the idea of Green and Sustainable Building. The partitions have besides their appearance also perfect sound insulating characteristics.

The airport was inaugurated on Friday 30 August, attendants at the event included members of the government, including Mauritius’ prime minister, foreign delegations, distinguished guests and airport stakeholders who could convince themselves of the excellent appearance and quality.

Discovering a new level of quality. Project tour at the next high-end terminal of London Heathrow's airport
After the first Lindner project tour at London Heathrow's terminal 5 in 2008 and the last one at Barcelona Airport in 2009, it was about time to revive this architecturally-inspiring event.
On the 17th of June the great day had arrived. The exclusive tour for existing and potential customers of Lindner united approximately 50 international guests working in different business sectors suchlike architects, main contractors, airport operators or simply business partners. The London Heathrow Airport was awarded the renowned Skytrax prize for its Terminal 5 as being the “best terminal in the world” for the years 2012 and 2013. Now, Heathrow promotes its new Terminal 2 which is planned to open in 2014 using the slogan “because one best terminal in the world isn’t enough”. The participants of the tour had the opportunity to form their own opinion if Terminal 2 can be a similar success story for Heathrow and everyone was quite impressed by the product and installation quality of the works provided by Lindner as well as by the well-organised working procedures on site.
At the beginning of the event, the guests were welcomed at the Radisson Blu Edwardion Heathrow Hotel. The project tour started there with a welcoming speech followed by presentations of Helmut Lang (Member of the Board – International Business), Matthias Ewender (Airports & Airlines), Stefan Heindl (Railways & Tunnels), Wolfgang Kurz (Lindner Interiors Ltd.), Chris Leach (Prater Ltd.), James Speed (Pascall + Watson – project architects of Terminal 2) and Julian Foster (airport operator Heathrow Airport Ltd. – Project Director of Terminal 2B). Moreover, the conference hall was also used to form smaller groups for the tour on site and to equip everyone with his or hers personal safety equipment. The afternoon was totally dedicated to the tour on the site of Terminal 2. The current situation on site is ideal to discover the project in its most exciting stage. Besides some completely finished areas, which already have passed the approval procedures, there are still possibilities to have a closer look at the technology behind the finished surface. The tour participants could especially see and learn about the already widely installed glass wall cladding, which was especially developed by Lindner for the Heathrow Airport, showing its great diversity regarding options suchlike being bomb blast resistant. Another highlight of the tour was the live presentation of a specially developed mini crane for the comfortable and safe installation of the large-sized glass wall panels.
The tour was not finished when it was already clear that this event will become a success thanks to the excellent organisation of all contributors. Many of the tour participants were not aware that Lindner is not only consisting of one or two product sectors, but has a many years grown competence in the sector of interior fit-out as well as in constructing building envelops. Furthermore, the participants could broaden their horizon regarding Lindner being not only part of the worldwide construction of airports, but also having remarkable experience in other sectors of infrastructure suchlike railway and metro stations, tunnels and special-purpose constructions.
It did not take long until the first positive responses occurred. Senior executives of Jeddah Airport took a tour on their own just three days after the original event and were also impressed by the new terminal’s quality. Other renowned architectural offices suchlike Foster + Partners, Zaha Hadid and consulting engineers Arup already desire further exclusive tours onto the site and the Lindner Airports & Airlines, Railways & Tunnels department is looking forward to receiving further enquiries.

Explosion Resistant Wall Linings by Lindner – Simply life-saving

Safety against terrorism is playing an important part at locations where crowds of people come together, such as airports, railway stations and other public buildings. The Lindner Group has addressed this subject and developed a special wall cladding for London Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 – for maximum human safety.

This wall system reduces the risk of injury considerably, because - in case of a booby-trap attack - no splinters or particles can spread from the wall system and hit someone. Normally, these fragments create a danger of injury or death due to the reflected pressure and impulse after the explosion. The characteristic of the Lindner system with high quality glazed or metal panels is that it was the first wall cladding ever tested for these requirements.

A so-called “bomb blast test” was performed by the English examination agency Crossley Consult Ltd. 15kg of the highly explosive TNT was detonated at a distance of six meters away from the specimen. The pulling effect was 30% higher than the compression force from the explosion.

A further optical advantage is that the paneling can be installed vertically and horizontally. Furthermore, the panels can be easily mounted – like all other products of Lindner´s “Free” line of walls made of wood, metal or glass. The substructure as well as the glazing are designed individually for each project. Optimum security is additionally provided due to special safety catches.

Spezielle Wandverkleidungen von Lindner – Bombensicher und lebensrettend

Der Schutz vor terroristischen Anschlägen ist ein wichtiger Aspekt an Orten an denen große Menschenansammlungen aufeinandertreffen. Die Lindner Gruppe hat dieses auftretende Risikopotenzial z. B. bei Flughäfen, Bahnhöfen und bei anderen großen öffentlichen Einrichtungen erkannt und speziell für das neue Terminal 2 des Flughafen Heathrow ein Wandsystem entwickelt für den maximalen Personenschutz.

Das spezielle Wandverkleidungssystem reduziert im Fall eines Anschlages die Verletzungsgefahr deutlich, da hiervon keine herumfliegenden Teile oder Splitter ausgehen können. Oft stellen eben diese Geschosse aufgrund der Druck- und Anziehungskraft nach der Explosion eine große bis tödliche Gefahr für Personen dar.

Erstmals hat ein Produkt von Linder an einem englischen Prüfinstitut einen Bombentest erfolgreich bestanden.

Ein sogenannter „Bomb Blast Test“ wurde von der englischen Prüfanstalt Crossley Consult Ltd durchgeführt. Hierbei wurde in einem Abstand von sechs Metern zur Wand eine Ladung von 15kg des hochexplosiven Sprengstoffes TNT gezündet. Die Sogwirkung war hierbei um 30% stärker als die eigentliche Drucklast, die durch diese Explosion zustande gekommen ist.

Die Glaspaneele der Wandverkleidung bieten durch spezielle Aushängesicherungen höchsten Schutz. Die hochwertigen Spezialgläser können nicht nur vertikal, sondern auch horizontal verlegt, und damit optisch angepasst werden. Zudem ist die Verkleidung ebenso einfach zu montieren wie die Serienprodukte der Lindner Free Reihe aus Holz, Metall und Glas. Die Unterkonstruktion und das Glas werden dabei individuell an das Projekt angepasst.

Living ceilings – Lindner Lunar

More and more the aesthetics of surfaces gain in importance. Plain surfaces are gone. Living and new effects are in great demand. People desire touchable and conceivable structured surfaces. This surface trend is perfectly demonstrated by Lindner Lunar.

Lindner Lunar spotlights the design of ceilings in an unrivalled manner and is especially suitable for areas that are in need of unique and eye-catching features like entrance areas of arrival or departure halls, retail areas or airport lounges. The colours and shapes of every room are reflected and fragmented in the three-dimensional structures of the high-gloss, hammered surface. Thus, the room is a vibrant spectacle that never ceases to amaze the people walking through. Thanks to the trendsetting appearance and living effects of this creative surface design, the shopping centre Tsvetnoy Central Market is rated as one of the best shopping centres worldwide by being honoured with the awards “EuroShop Retail Design Award 2012“ and “Best Interior Design Award 2011“, just to mention one example.

This promising surface of high quality can also be admired in “The International Surface Yearbook” where all surface structures and effects are included that are consistent with the trend of the time

The impressive surface Lindner Lunar can also be seen on the cover of “Interior Trends 2013” – a special edition of “The International Surface Yearbook 2013”. This is another proof of Lindner Lunar’s living surface design being on the pulse of time.


Lebendige Decken – Lindner Lunar

An Bedeutung gewinnt immer mehr die Ästhetik der Oberfläche. Mit den glatten Oberflächen ist jetzt Schluss: Es sind lebendige und neue Effekte gefragt. Menschen wollen Oberflächen mit Strukturen, die erfühlbar und deshalb begreifbar sind. Lindner setzt diesen gelebten Oberflächentrend perfekt in die Realität um.

Die Decken werden nun endlich durch Lindner Lunar ins Blickfeld des Designs geholt. Die Farben und Formen des Raumes brechen und spiegeln sich in den dreidimensionalen Strukturen der hochglänzenden, gehämmerten Oberfläche. In jedem Augenblick wird der Raum dadurch lebendig inszeniert. Das Einkaufszentrum Tsyetnoy Central Market reiht sich beispielsweise dank den zukunftsweisenden Optiken und lebendigen Effekten dieser kreativen Oberflächengestaltung indem es mit den Auszeichnungen „EuroShop Retail Design Award 2012“ und „Best Interior Design Award 2011“ zu den besten Einkaufszentren der Welt geehrt wurde.

Diese vielversprechende und hochwertige Oberfläche lässt sich auch im internationalen Jahrbuch der Oberfläche bewundern. Alle Oberflächenstrukturen und –effekte finden sich im „The International Surface Yearbook“ wieder, die im Einklang mit dem Trend der Zeit stehen.

Die beeindruckende Lindner Lunar Oberfläche schaffte es in der Ausgabe „Interior Trends 2013“ – eine Sonderedition des „The International Surface Yearbook 2013“ – auf die Titelseite.

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