Durlum GmbH - Changi Airport in Singapore – A timeless daylight solution

Since 2007, a fully automated system has given life to Terminal 3, turning it into a natural organism. This year and for the third year in a row, Changi Airport has been crowned the finest airport in the world in the "World Airport Awards".

It is eight years since Changi Airport in Singapore implemented a globally unique daylight solution, and for the last eight years that fully automated and controlled system has been operating around the clock flawlessly. The airport itself is worth a journey just to visit! One of the reasons for it special atmosphere and the award it has now garnered once again: Terminal 3, almost entirely glazed and built to a design that is unique on a global scale. With its optimum use of daylight, it creates an atmosphere in which passengers enjoy a real sense of well-being.

This was made possible by the organic-looking roof, extending over a surface area of about 9 hectares with more than 900 specially developed ceiling light wells, thousands of aluminum panels and movable shading system from durlum. The ceiling light wells use aluminum reflectors to direct daylight into the building, providing uniform illumination without dazzling visitors.

The amount of light directed into Terminal 3 is determined by moveable and perforated butterfly panels mounted above each light well. The position of these panels is guided by the angle of the sun, and by the prevailing and weather situation. Sensors on the roof obtain the information required control these butterfly panels and direct it to a central computer that runs the entire terminal. This enables daylight to enter the space without admitting any direct sunlight. In bad weather and at night, direct lighting takes over from sunlight: these lights are located on the roof below the butterfly panels. As sunlight levels diminish, this lighting is turned on, so gradually that passengers are not aware of the change. This means that artificial lighting and daylight make use of the same light deflection systems, and the heat from the radiant lamps remains outside the building. At total of about 2400 tons of CO2 have been saved.

This lighting system, planned by Bartenbach LichtLabor [Lighting Laboratory] and implemented by durlum, creates an atmosphere which visitors can enjoy, while at the same time reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment. It is therefore no surprise that Changi Airport in Singapore has been proving so popular with travelers for so many years.

Photographs: Bartenbach, durlum GmbH, David Phan

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Design meets functionality -

Zvartnots International Airport impresses with its creative ceiling design

The Main Terminal of Zvartnots International Airport in Yerevan, Armenia, inaugurated at the end of 2011, captivates not only with its open architecture, but also with its varied design in the interior. The Argentinian architects Lucas Monsalvo, Marcelo Minoliti und Karina Luna have selectively used different metal ceiling and light solutions from durlum as design elements. They not only had to meet the high acoustic requirements of an airport, but also had to be specially secured due to the location of the airport in a region known for its earthquakes.

In their interior design concept, Luna, Minoliti and Monsalvo have opted for creative variety and emphasized the different areas of the terminal by using different ceiling systems. For example, in the areas of the airport open to the public, the modern, acoustically highly effective POLYLAM® vertical baffles from durlum were used. To take advantage of the benefits of metal ceilings, while achieving a special optic effect, the architects decided in many areas in favour of the version with teakwood printing [Picture 1]. This integrates the baffle system harmonically into the colour concept, while providing good acoustics in the lively areas of the airport. The function-oriented design continues also in the control and arrival areas of the terminal. In the control area, a perforated dur-SOLO raft ceiling attracts the attention. Despite their optical length of up to 20 m, the strip-like mounted adjacent panels create an open atmosphere [Picture 3]. The inter-panel spacings not only break up the ceiling surface, but also allow easy integration of fire protection devices and lighting. Further dur-SOLO raft ceilings have been mounted in the arrival hall of the new terminal. Their characteristic features are the generous dimensions and bent ends, giving the hall a very special, almost infinite character [Figure 4]. As a particular highlight, Monsalvo, Minoliti and Luna finally selected the TOMEO-R® ceiling/light combination for the VIP area [Figure 2]. Round ceiling elements combined with round LUMEO®-R light surfaces are tuned exactly to the design of the coffee shop and provide a cozy atmosphere, inviting the visitor to stay.

Overall, the architects have managed to create an airport terminal that impresses with its open architecture combined with functional and creative interior design.

Zvartnots International Airport | Yerevan, in Armenia

Lucas Monsalvo, Marcelo Minoliti, Karina Luna [AR]

Prime contractor:
Corporación América | Buenos Aires [AR]

Aksoy Aluminyum [TR] | Profal LLC [AM]

Ceiling and light systems:
durlum GmbH


Artur Hovakimyan

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