Fives Cinetic modernizes baggage carrousels at the Paris-Orly Western international arrival terminal

New safety regulations* lead Aéroports de Paris to modernize and reinforce the security of sorting systems to handle baggage delivery.

To be compliant with these new requirements, Aéroports de Paris awarded Fives Cinetic the upgrade of 2 Air France international arrival circuits at the Paris-Orly Western terminal in March 2011.

During the past 12 months, the renovation consisted of dismantling former arrival circuits, installing and rolling out 2 new baggage deliveries with carrousels dedicated to standard luggage and 2 lines to deliver special bulky luggage like skis or sailboards.

Fives Cinetic installed the new generation carrousels in 2 steps, the first one being in June 2011 and the second one in March 2012.

The innovation of the Fives Cinetic carrousels lies in their friction driving system, which offers in many ways superior value compared to competition.

This driving system has been successfully used on Cross-Belt sorters for 15 years, taking into account major constraints as far as availability and maintainability are concerned.
Considering the technologies available on the current market like linear motors or caterpillar, the Fives Cinetic baggage carrousel offers many advantages including low noise level, reduction of power consumption and maintenance improvement.

This project successfully fulfill the modernization of a complete range of baggage handling equipment lead by Fives Cinetic including conveyors, carrousels and sorters.

“We chose Fives Cinetic for this project, because we particularly appreciate the easiness and efficiency of the friction driving system of their carrousels. It is now clear that Fives Cinetic’s automated solutions allows us to reach our objectives. Further, the schedule was tight, but the project rolled out as planned’ - says Pierre Poline, Operations Manager at Aéroports de Paris.

As an expert in automated logistics solutions, Fives Cinetic operates in any market segments, carrying out order fulfillment solutions, high speed sorting systems and automated solutions controlled by the WCS Trace®.

Aéroports de Paris builds, develops and operates airport platforms among which Paris Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget.

*According to these new regulations, baggage arriving are put on the carrousel in baggage handling zones and transferred to the delivery room in passengers area and then, can’t come back to baggage handling zones.