Champion Door is participating Paris Air Show 2015, find us in outdoor area B2

Champion Door is an industrial door manufacturer with a solid experience in international projects. The company's main products include large vertical lifting fabric fold-up doors for industrial use, multi-part hold-up doors for aircraft hangars, doors for crane opening, harbour and shipyard doors, and fire roller doors. All doors are designed and manufactured individually to meet client needs.

Extremely high quality is a must for Champion Door vertical lifting fabric fold-up doors. The unique structure of the doors involves a number of benefits in comparison with traditional door solutions. The lightweight doors do not require overdimensioned frame structures or large constructions to enable them to open. All door products are thoroughly tested and require minimum maintenance. Champion Door industrial doors are ideal for harsh conditions with top of the market thermal insulation. Champion Door, the specialist in challenging fabric fold-up door solutions, provides leading-edge quality with flexible, comprehensive customer service.

You're welcome to come and visit our stand, you will find us in outdoor area B2

The 51st show will take place at the Le Bourget Parc des Expositions from 15 to 21 June 2015, and once again will bring together all the players in this global industry around the latest technological innovations. The first four days of the Show will be reserved for trade visitors, followed by three days open to the general public.
The International Paris Air Show is organised by the SIAE, a subsidiary of GIFAS, the French Aerospace Industries Association.

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Doors for the French Alps

You don’t see any jumbo jets or other large passenger planes at the small Altiport de Courchevel airport. But you can see all the more smaller jet planes, helicopters and other lighter flight equipment. The Courchevel city located in the French Alps at an elevation of two kilometers is especially favored by the world’s jetset. People interested in downhill skiing and after-ski, who are familiar with using money, demand absolute first class from their purchased services. That is why the City of Courchevel purchased three doors from Champion Door in Finland for the hangars in their airport.

Three NK2 Double doors were installed into the hangar with a turnkey delivery. The doors are 14.2 meters wide and 6.2 meters high, just the right size for a private jet plane or helicopter.

For normal Champion Door installation work abroad, only the job supervisor is from the factory. But for this job, the City of Courchevel wanted the installation to be done by the professional Finnish installation staff. The doors were installed at the beginning of autumn so that for the next downhill skiing season, the valuable planes can be easily put under cover from the cold and snow of the mountain. The temperature differences at the Courchevel airport are quite wide, to counterbalance the frosts of January, the temperature in July rises easily above 30 degrees Celsius. This poses very high demands for the functionality of the door.

Champion Door has earned the reputation of a reliable door supplier and, being a small and flexible family business, it is able to fulfill the special requirements of customers. A balanced and person-focused discussion during offer preparation and when agreeing on the terms of sale minimize misunderstandings. Going through the customer’s needs carefully and in an easygoing way guarantees the best possible results for both parties.

Champion Door opens the doors for the Airbus A380

The European airplane concern EADS has purchased three airplane hangar doors for their Airbus airplane factory in Toulouse, France from Champion Door. The doors, of a total width of 92 m and a height of 29 m are to be delivered to the Airbus “Superjumbo” A380 maintenance hall. Champion Door will deliver and install the doors during next summer and autumn. The third door will be likely installed in the beginning of 2014, when the last of the large halls will be completed.

During the purchase negotiations, representatives of Airbus went through Champion Door references sites with great care so that the technical quality of the doors would surely meet the stringent standards and guidelines of the company. Finding a site to study was easy, because the Finnish company, that has operated for almost 40 years has delivered doors all around the world.

Heat insulated doors are energy efficient whether they are needed in heated halls in the arctic area or cooled halls in the heat of the desert. Among others, the military of several countries have purchased Champion Door doors for their airplane and helicopter halls. High quality doors and accurate deliveries coupled with quick aftersales service are key issues in creating customer satisfaction. 

Airbus has given positive feedback on the clear and detailed offers. The buyer knew exactly what they were buying and when the doors would be in place. Exemplary cooperation with the designers and the architects of the hangar ensured the buyers to the high quality of the Champion Door’s complete delivery. The exceptional quality naturally starts from the door itself, but as important are the punctuality of the door supplier, flexibility and after-sales service. The family company’s genuine commitment to business and the ability to understand the customer needs are all parts of total quality.

The agreement signed now is strong proof of the fact that Champion Door Oy has claimed its place in the heavy weight class of the lift up door market. The company has achieved the reputation of a serious supplier through its customer focused operations. Balanced discussion and the detailed mapping of the customer needs guarantee a great end result for both parties.